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February 17, 2011

Wade's son sticking around on merit

Assistant coach Wes Phillips had a strong tie-in with the previous administration – his dad was the head coach. But after interviewing several candidates for the position as assistant offensive line coach, the Cowboys settled on Phillips, who will work with line coach and running game coordinator Hudson Houck.

“There were other dynamics on our staff – whether we were going to go outside or bring Wes into coach with me,” Houck said. “Wes is very qualified. I think it was a good process because we touched base with good coaches that are in college right now primarily, whether they had NFL experience or not, that maybe in the future we can go and say how about this player or how about this player or can have those guys come in our organization sometime I the future. I think the process was outstanding. I’m very pleased with Wes because he’s so familiar with what I teach that I won’t have to teach him on what we’re going to do.

-- Jan Hubbard



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