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March 11, 2011

Cowboys expected to work out Dalton

The Cowboys told Andy Dalton they expect to set up a private workout with him soon. The TCU quarterback worked out for 26 teams, including the Cowboys, at his school's Pro Day on Friday. Dallas scouts Walter Juliff and Chris Hall both were at the Sam Baugh Indoor Practice Facility.

It's no surprise the Cowboys have an interest in Dalton. A source in the front office said during the season that the Cowboys liked Dalton, who was 42-7 in his four-year career as a Horned Frog.

The Cowboys drafted Stephen McGee in the fourth round of the 2009 draft. They still are uncertain about exactly what they have in McGee, though the former Texas A&M star got to play in the final two regular-season games and showed some moxie. In one relief appearance and one start, McGee completed 22 of 44 passes for 238 yards with two touchdowns and no interceptions. He was at his best late in the fourth quarter of a loss to the Cardinals and a victory over the Eagles.

Backup Jon Kitna played well in Tony Romo's absence last season, but Kitna will be 39 years old in September. So it's possible the Cowboys could be looking to the future with McGee and a rookie as Romo's backups next season. (Alabama quarterback Greg McElroy's father works for the Cowboys, and the Cowboys are a big fan of Greg McElroy's as well.)

Dalton, who could be drafted as high as the second round, already has private workouts scheduled with the Browns, the Patriots and the Bears beginning next week. He drew 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh, Panthers quarterbacks coach Mike Shula, Jacksonville offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter and Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden to his workout Friday.

"I've been telling everybody, and this is true," said Jerry Rhome, a private quarterback coach who has been tutoring Dalton, "he is going to be still around and playing 12, 13 years from now. That's what I see. When you're looking for a quarterback, you're looking for a guy who can play 12, 13 years. Not just some flash in the pan. He's going to have longevity."

-- Charean Williams





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larry u r drinking the romo kool aid, romo has been the starter with no competition since 2006, his playoff record is 1-3, romo is coming off shoulder injury and is now 31 yrs. old romo is no longer a spring chicken. sure it took 6 yrs. after aikman's retirement to have a decent qb at the helm of america's team. Since romo been the starter, his december/january record has been below average at best, prior to those months romo looks like an HOF qb, yet, u drink the kool aid and blame the OL, the Defense, for romo shortcoming of winning a super bowl. remember romo set on the bench for atleast 3 season before being named the starter, the qb he replaced bledsoe was on the decline and it was obvious, therefore, there was a need for a change. Romo now going into his 9th season with no competition was voted (write-in) to the pro bowl 3 times, and we all know how overrated the pro bowl is today. the only playoff win was against a over the hill qb who was traded to a divisional rival and we all know how that ended. it's time for romo to have some competition, mcgee is still raw and he barely beat the substitute player on the iggels. i think jerry should draft the best available football player instead of a need player that the so-call experts what the cowboys to do. I think jerry should stick to the plan the cowboys took in last years draft, and look what happen dez bryant fell to the cowboys. if there is a qb worthy at #9, i say jerry pull the trigger. it time for a new generation of cowboys to bring home the covet lombardi trophy, how long do cowboy fans continue to drink the romo kool aid only to come up short time and time again.

O-Line or No O-Line, Romo has issues. Let the truth be told for once. #1. Softness in being Mobile. I have seen many plays where he could have done a Mike Vick move and be successful only for him to desperately want to pass the ball. Now, I know that a QB's main job is to pass the ball but it is also to Make Plays and Be a Threat on the Field. Romo does not do that enough for me. #2. Lack of Leadership. I would consider Jon Kitna the Leader of the Offense before I would ever consider Tony Romo the Leader of the Offense. Hands down. What Tony Romo embodies thus far is simply a Good QB PLAYER. He's an average bear, average joe. He is No Leader. Last time I checked, Average Joe QBs don't play in Super Bowls. Only ELITE QBs who LEAD Offenses do. #3. Comfortability. The Main Achilles Heel of the Dallas Cowboys in Recent History has been that the Players have ALL felt that there was no way that they could EVER lose their jobs. Well, IF this Season jumps off, it will be one of RECKONING. Tony Romo NEEDS to be Challenged.

I like the the prospect of Andy Dalton but I think that they should work out Cam Newton and Jake Locker. Jason Garrett, with Jerry Jones, needs a STAMP Guy of the Future to Develop upon Kitna's Retirement and Romo's Removal if Romo does not improve. We should draft a QB but make a Valuable but Pretty Strong Statement with whatever Pick in whatever Round that QB is chosen.

there is nothing wong with romo when you dont have much of a offensive line all quarterbacks look bad .give him time like manning,brees, rivers,brady and he can pick you apart also dont knock my cowboys they would be better off to put spears,barber,roy williams, and columbo in a package deal and see if some club will go for it we need a pass rushing D/E a cover C/B and a darn good inside L/B it would change a lot of things

i think the cowboys will draft a qb to bring some competition to romo, it's time for a culture change at qb for the cowboys. romo has held the keys to the car for 4yrs now and his record in the playoffs is 1-3, sure he has 3 pro bowl appearances, but being in the pro bowl these days are overated. it's the playoffs that counts, he beat an over the hill qb that was sent packing to a divisional rival and that didn't pan out. he lost to hasselback, manning and fare only manning and fare has SB rings hasselback lost a SB. the one that hurts the most is when the cowboys had homefield advantage against the giants, had the game won and let it slip through their hands, romo had the opportunity to be the comeback kid, but came up short. Then there is the december/january record to speak of when romo flaws becomes evident when the heat is on to produce. I think jerry is being smart by looking at the best available football player regardless of position when it come to drafting, when you draft for need, it usually backfires. look what happen in the 2010 draft, jerry got it right and we got dez bryant, the next great #88. now all dez need what pearson and irvin had a quality qb to make it happen, regardless of the adversity at hand.

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