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March 17, 2011

Possible rules change could force Buehler to win the job outright

David Buehler may have to beat out Kris Brown to keep his job anyway. The Cowboys would prefer not to carry two kickers, thus burning a roster spot they could otherwise use for a position player. But a possible rules change could make kickoff specialists a thing of the past. 

The NFL is considering moving back kickoffs from the 30 to the 35-yard line. A touchback would result in the receiving team getting the ball at the 25-yard line, instead of the 20. Touchbacks would become far easier, and teams likely would rely on their field-goal kicker to kickoff.

Buehler led the league with 29 touchbacks as a rookie in 2009 when he was a kickoff specialist. He had 22 last season when he had both jobs. Buehler went only 24 of 32 on field goals and missed two PATs last season, which prompted the Cowboys to sign Brown late last season.

In 12 seasons, Brown, a Southlake Carroll product, has made 77.3 percent of his kicks. He attemped only five last season as a temporary fill in with the Chargers after being released by the Texans.

-- Charean Williams



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A man has two ears and one mouth that he may hear much and speak little.

I want my life to be the brightest star in the sky, and I want world to be proud of my existenceul, beautiful, and be able to physical and mental pleasure.

This is a stupip rule change. The kickoff team could have started in four point stances on the 30, getting no running start. the kick is one of the potentially more exciting plays.

I think many teams will not want to give opponents the ball on the 25 yd. line. Instead, they will kick the ball high in the air near the goal line on the assumption they can tackle the returner short of the 25 yd. line. The coverage teams would benefit from the extra five yards and the no-wedge rule, giving them a better chance to make the tackle before the 25 yd. line if they do their job.

I predict the end result of the rule changes will be FEWER touchbacks in most games. Teams will struggle to get back to the 25 yd. line. There will be even more returns stifled by good coverage.

There will probably be MORE touchbacks versus the top returners in the league as teams are happy to limit them to the 25 yd. line by easily kicking out of the end zone.

So, kickers who get a lot of height on their kicks will be very valuable. Not sure where this will leave David Buehler...

Simple, make Chris Brown your kicker and cut Buehler as soon as you can get the paperwork done. Then call security and have him thrown out on the street with a $100 and a bag lunch.

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