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March 23, 2011

Retailers say they will miss Dez Bryant at NorthPark. He is still disputing citation.

Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant and his advisors continue to dispute the criminal trespass citation he received Saturday from an incident at NorthPark Center and his subsequent banishment from the mall for 90 days.

His advisor David Wells, along with a lawyer, was at the mall on Wednesday trying to intercede with North Park management. Wells said Senator Royce West, who is also a Bryant advisor, was expected to meet them there as well.

Wells was still adamant in his contention that Bryant did not receive a trespass warning written or verbal following the incident.

“It’s not true,” Wells said. “I was there. I never saw a verbal warning. I went back up there Monday and talked to security and they said nothing was going to come of it.”

Meanwhile, retailers at the prestigious North Dallas mall characterize Bryant as a playful, friendly, sometimes loud but definitely loyal customer.

They also say he will be missed during the 90-day ban, which originated when an off-duty police officer asked Bryant or someone in his group to pull up their sagging pants.

“I need to call him to see if we need to send him anything,” joked Tiffany Edmonds, a supervisor at the Gucci Store. “He’s here quite often. He is an amazing customer. He is always nice with the clients. He signed autographs. He is very pleasant.”

The people at Foot Locker House of Hoops had similar things to say, although they declined to talk on the record.

According to a source, Bryant shops at the NorthPark Foot Locker three times a week. He routinely signed autographs for customers at the store as well.

“He has all the Lebrons and Jordan shoes,” the source said. “If we don’t have it we will order it for him.”

Bryant was described as a playful and fun loving kid.

“He was here when he was in the wheel chair doing wheelies in the mall,” the source said.

The story was the same from the valet parking attendant who frequently took care of Bryant’s car.

“We are sad to see him gone,” the parking attendant said. “He would tip of 40 or 50 bucks every time. He was good to us. He treated us well.”

A person in the mall management office refused to comment referring all questions to the mall public relations manager, who did not return a phone call.

When asked why Bryant simply didn’t take his business elsewhere and not worry about coming to NorthPark, Wells said he liked the stores there, and they had the items he wanted.

Wells said Bryant spent thousands of dollars at the mall and should have been treated better.


 Clarence E. Hill Jr.


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Here's a reason to root for Butler (and have your bike checked by a mechanic) "[Butler's Matt] Howard is famous for riding his bicycle around Butler’s Indianapolis campus, no matter the temperature or weather conditions....'The bike crash? Who told you about that,' he said with a laugh Thursday afternoon.

"Wells said Senator Royce West, who is also a Bryant advisor, was expected to meet them their as well."

Do journalists take grammar classes? I can somewhat understand mistakes such as dangling participles but this is terrible.

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