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March 22, 2011

Tommy Hilfiger puts his spin on Cowboys uniform

In a style feature for ESPN The Magazine, fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger tried his hand at redesigning some uniforms from classic sports franchises. The Cowboys were chosen from the NFL along with the Yankees, Lakers, and Canadiens.


Cowboys uni
On the Cowboys:

“If you think about America, the symbol that pulls us together as a country is the flag. Compared to the original Cowboys’ uniform design, we love the repetitive feel of the small stars representing a different state that each of the players may come from. Those stars represent the team as a whole, while the helmet represents the player as an individual. We also liked the idea of making each player a star and enlarging it to include his number so everyone would be easily identifiable on camera, even when they’re piled up on the field searching for a fumbled ball!”


For the full story, visit ESPN The Magazine


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Now that is an ugly uniform.

Don't like it. At All!

WOW. Now that is an ugly uniform

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