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April 29, 2011

Cowboys touch base with Barry Switzer for DeMarco Murray pick

If anyone knows anything about Oklahoma running backs, it's Barry Switzer.

At least that's what the Cowboys figured. Owner Jerry Jones said he used the former Cowboys head coach for an evaluation of DeMarco Murray, the Oklahoma running back that the Cowboys selected in the third round.

"We even called on Barry Switzer, who candidly is one of the best running back evaluators there has been and is, because he has seen so many and really studies them," Jones said. "So we had Barry weigh in on us in the draft room there tonight. But of course, he really knew him well because DeMarco Murray is from up in Oklahoma.”

-- Carlos Mendez



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Maybe you are just joking.

Zeke, Murray was used as short yardage this past year as much as swing passes out of the backfield, and that china doll moved piles and got tough yards. Ask that poor Baylor linebacker he sent into the cheerleader section a couple years ago. You wouldn't survive a collision with this china doll. Dude is granite.

Look for DeMarco to be used as a receiver out of the backfield. Good speed, great hands.

Murray missed four games in 4 years.... China doll? Bright insight.

Switzer is a joke and so is Jerry. Murray is a China doll.

you gotta be kidding...

you gotta be kidding...

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