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April 29, 2011

Dez is a no-show at Valley Ranch, so he and Jerry don't meet

IRVING – Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who said Thursday he planned to make time to talk to Dez Bryant on Friday at Valley Ranch about off-the-field issues, did not meet with the receiver.

Jones blamed his schedule and said it was not Bryant’s fault.

"I didn’t talk to him direct. We had good communication," Jones said. "I got tied up. I spent a lot more time this morning on labor issues."

Jones said that although Bryant was in town, he didn’t consider it a negative that last season’s No. 1 pick didn’t make it to the complex. However, for Bryant, not coming to Valley Ranch meant he missed an opportunity to meet with his new position coach, Jimmy Robinson, and the trainers. During the lockout, the players and trainers can’t have direct contact.

"We don’t know what his schedule was," Jones said. "Since certainly, almost the day before, he wasn’t planning to be here. Some were able to make it. Some had other plans. I’m not trying to make excuses for him."

 -- Carlos Mendez



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Locked out, unlocked, locked out again...

No wonder Dez and any other player would have a tough time meeting with team official at team facilities.

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