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April 27, 2011

Peterson wants to play for the Cowboys

Texas A&M linebacker Von Miller professed his love for the Cowboys again Wednesday. He will not be one on draft day, no matter how much he wishes it. Miller is expected to go second to Denver or third to Buffalo. He will be long gone before the Cowboys draft ninth. Outside linebacker is not a need for the Cowboys, so they're not going up to get him.

Patrick Peterson is another story.

His chances of playing for his favorite team might not be much better than Miller's, but instead of none, it's slim.

He is a cornerback. A very good cornerback. He might be the safest player in the draft, and some scouts have him rated as the No. 1 player. If he starts falling, the Cowboys could make a play for him. It would fulfill a life-long wish for the LSU star.

"If the Cowboys come and get me, I cannot explain the feeling that I would have," Peterson said Wednesday in New York. "That’s the team I always dreamed of seeing myself playing for. If the Cowboys come up to get me, that means they risk a lot – they put a lot on the table to come up there and get me, so I definitely would go there and give it my all each and every play."

Asked why he wanted to play for the Cowboys, Peterson said: "They’re America’s Team. I mean, Deion Sanders, Michael Irvin, Troy Aikman. The best played for that team. Playing for that team, just having that star on your helmet. I mean, I know those guys feel good every time they buckle their chin strap and know that you’ve got the star and America is watching you."

The Texans, who need all the defensive help they can get, could attempt to trade up for Peterson or Miller. Both players said that would be OK with them too.

-- Charean Williams


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