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April 21, 2011

Witten: Romo is a leader

Cowboys tight end Jason Witten said Wednesday there will be "no announcement," but Tony Romo is in the process of getting teammates organized for on-field sessions. Those workouts, which can't include coaches because of the lockout, are expected to begin next month.

Romo's leadership has been questioned by critics, especially after Jon Kitna took over the team last season in Romo's absence. But Witten defended his quarterback. Witten said Romo, who missed the final 10 games of last season with a broken clavicle, is the team's unquestioned leader and is showing it by taking charge of the workouts in absence of practices organized by the team.

"The season can’t get here fast enough for us,” Witten said. “Coming off that losing season, we all learned a lot. With Tony, he’s really being a leader and taking this opportunity to leave his stamp on our team. He learned a lot being injured that way, and seeing us have the season we did.”

Witten got excited when he saw the Cowboys’ schedule Tuesday. He doesn’t expect the lockout to affect the regular season.

“I hope not,” said Witten, one of the team’s player representatives. “I think everybody feels confident in that. We just have to stay informed and stay ready.”

The Cowboys close out the exhibition season with consecutive road games. They begin the regular season in New York, facing the Jets, on the 10th anniversary of 9-11 before traveling to San Francisco. Their home opener is Sept. 26.

"Man, it doesn't start out too easy, going to New York and then cross country to San Francisco," Witten said. "I always get excited when you see that schedule. It kind of kicks off that football mentality. It's a tough one for sure. But that opening day, playing in New York 10 years after 9-11, will be special. I'm just excited to get started."

-- Charean Williams


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@kyedh3, here is a list of teams you didnt mention that would keep their current QB over Roma FOR SURE:
So that is half the league. Roma is a Danny White clone, stats included, WITHOUT the playoff winning record.

You don't learn to be a leader you're born one. This is something that will always be questioned when it comes to Romo. From the moment Tom Brady stepped on the field you could cleary tell he was a leader and had what it takes to win - we still haven't seen this from Romo and I doubt we ever will. It's been 4 years and still we wait. I feel time is running out.

GO COWBOYS!!! I've been a believer since day 1!!!

Leader? Prove it !!!
Put down the golf bag, get fellow players off their ( I Cant get by on splitting 9 billion dollars a year ) couches.
Get to sweating, yelling at Dez, completely ignore Roy till het gets it.
Drag all those big lineman out, get them to give a darn for each other. What a separate group of individuals they are. Columbo, go start a fight with all the linebackers---show Tony how to lead, and get others fired up.
Hey Tony, get in tight with Brady James (you and him don't even act like roster mates when you are drawing paychecks!)
Tell Brady to resurrect a current "James Gang", and get those other paycheck drawers to come to practice too.
If your a leader---stop talking and start walking.
There you go--my two cents, after 40 years of support for the Cowboys, sorry, but your not cutting it.I know only your agent might actually read or hear about my comments---so listen to him.
Tony:Man up, get fired up,try to win some respect back.

if romo was all that kyedh3, he would have been drafted. it's not about stats, it about winning super bowls, romo record is 1-3, period, u can't change it, it comes with the territory of being the qb of america's team. if u want 2 get mad get mad with staubach and aikman for setting the standards of being qb of america's team. why should we cowboy fans settle for average, if that was so, danny white, gary hogeboom, steve peuller, steve walsh, quincy carter would be in the cowboys ROH. i don't think staubach or aikman took a vacation prior to a homefield advantage playoff game, yet romo did and lost, yet cowboys fans are still holding their collective breath simply because the dallas media and the so-call national experts like peter king speaks highly of romo and has entitlement to the qb position of the cowboys and should not have to under go competition, it just might hurt the sensentive romo's feelings and romo would lose focus as the qb of america's team. plus jerry doesn't want to admit that romo has fallen short of his expectations when he gave romo that big contract in 2007, so the media bet not say anything negative about romo, because jerry wants the honeymoon to continue.

OK, Nimnals, listen up: Jason Witten is NOT saying Romo wasn't a leader and is becoming one now. He is saying that Romo is the unquestioned leader since he took over for Bledsoe! You people who hate Romo need to get a clue! Other teams would love to have Romo because he is currently #5 on the all time career passer rating list. Ask Skins fans. Ask Philly fans. Ask Giant fans! Eli didn't win that Super Bowl. His defense did! A ton of teams without a talented QB in their locker room would trade right now anything Dallas wanted. Only, P. Manning, Brady, Rogers, Rothlisberger, and maybe 2 or 3 other QB's considered good/great by their teams would not take a back seat to Romo, and Sanchez is not one of them. Romo with a healthy line would wreak havoc on this league. A stronger defense will allow us to win plenty more games and that's up to Ryan, not Romo!

Why has it taken romo so long to finally put his"stamp" on this team? He's been the starting quarterback for years already. And ive got a Dallas cowboys tattoo!!

charean this is a waste of ink on this article, of course witten is going to say good things about romo-friendly, he was instrumental in getting TO out of dallas, since romo-friendly is a non-leader, witten is going 2 speak up 4 his buddy. witten is no fool, he wants the ball coming his way so that he can get the perks that have been written in his contract. by caughting a certain amount of passes.

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