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May 12, 2011

Cowboys, USC Trojans aligned in apparel merchandising

The University of Southern California Trojans athletic department has signed a 10-year license agreement with Silver Star Merchandising, an apparel manufacturer and distributor launched last year by the family of Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. The president is Jerry Jones Jr.

Financial terms of the agreement, which goes into effect with the upcoming 2011-12 season, were not disclosed, according to a university release.

With the agreement, SSM will have the exclusive license to manufacture and distribute USC branded apparel and headwear, according to a news release.

The agreement is in addition to USC’s existing contract with Nike, which is USC’s official outfitter for its varsity sports teams.

USC will continue to operate its licensing program in-house, with most of its licensed apparel now being produced by SSM and Nike.

“It is a perfect marriage,” USC athletic director Pat Haden said as part of a university news release. He said that “it became clear to us that their expertise in the apparel business with a top brand like the Dallas Cowboys meant that they would represent and shepherd our USC brand in the same manner throughout Southern California and the United States."

Silver Star also has had talks with Texas and is in discussions with Ohio State, according to Sports Business Daily.

The Cowboys and the New York Yankees began a joint concessions operation in 2008, Legend Hospitality, so this isn't the first time a Jones family enterprise has been linked with another sports team icon.




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