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May 14, 2011

Former Cowboy Daryl Johnston doesn't know what you do with Dez Bryant

Former Cowboys fullback Daryl Johnston didn't hold back when asked about troubled receiver Dez Bryant at the Emmitt Smith Celebrity Poker Tournament and Charity Golf Tournament Pairing Party Friday night at the Westin Stonebriar in Frisco.

He said the fact that former Cowboys player Deion Sanders wants nothing to do with him anymore says a lot.

"I don’t know. I don’t know what you do with Dez Bryant, because when Deion Sanders gives up on you that speaks volumes to me," Johnston said. "Deion goes out of his way to help young guys and try to help them reach their potential in the NFL. And when Deion says, ‘I can’t work with you anymore,’ that’s the first time he has ever done that.

"This is a person with unique talent but with unique issues. And it would be a disappointment for Dez, number one, his family, the Cowboys, and their fans if he doesn’t live up to the potential he flashed as a rookie.

"He was by far the most talented guy on that field many times during last fall. And the sky’s the limit for that kid. And I just hope that at some point, he understands and realizes that he shouldn't waste two or three years because his head is not in the game."

Johnston was even more adamant when asked if Bryant's talent and problems were similar to those of his former teammate and Hall of Famer receiver Michael Irvin.

"Don’t ever compare him to Michael Irvin, because they are polar opposites," Johnston said. "Michael was high-profile and he had the 'playmaker' nickname, but Michael was the hardest worker on that team.

"So, one of the things you have to be careful with is that all of a sudden you don’t say he’s high-profile and he’s dynamic as a player and reach back and compare him to Michael. It couldn’t be further from reality.

"We had big personalities, but we had guys who came to work, and all they wanted to do was win football games. And hopefully that’s what Dez realizes — that this is not about finishing your rookie contract. You got drafted in the first round last year. Your hard work has just begun.

"If you don’t bust your butt in the NFL, you won’t be there very long."

— Clarence Hill


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deion is a bum with a big mouth he wouldnt tackle anyone he has always got his kicks by downing people i wishe he would just dry up and leave just like his reality show did

don't forget my Cowboys had major problems with my favorite receiver also. hard work and dependability was the key to his movin forward. give the youngster the benefit of a doubt and continue being a true COWBOY people

You guys had a great receiver in Terrell Hudgins from the university of Elon. If you had only given him a chance he would have proven that he can be a very discipline and productive receiver. This guy broke many of Jerry Rices college record to get to where he is today. Sometime the small school have big talent just waiting to burst. I knew Dez would be a problem for the Dallas ball club.

Dez is a lawn sausage ... when you're a high profile "professional"athlete and you're still wearing your pants in public like some prison beyotch ... add up the ridiculous expenses and mismanagement of his new-found and soon-to-be-spent-no-doubt money... well my friends that speaks volumes about the kid's immaturity and lack of common sense. One blown ACL and this punk will be washing cars until the end of time.

wendell... u sound like a crybaby... "Dez banned me from his twitter!!!" wahhh wahhh wahhh... lls.

btw... LOL@Deion The ultimate me first guy who ironically in his dealing with Dez, Dez has been the one to get in trouble. First having dinner with Deion (to probably not to give Deion a bad rep) gets him suspended for the year, secondly he wanted to go with some other deal, and now this dude is callin him a liar.

PLEASE PARENTS SAVE YOUR CHILDREN FROM DEION!!!! so how did that Pacman Jones ordeal turn out?

What troubling issues does Dez have? I don't think he has been arrested or broken league policy? i mean if wearin ur pants low and having debt are issues that can get people to speak negatively about you, than America is in trouble!

I respect Moose, and really liked Deion as a player, but regarding Dez Bryant, Deion had a financial interest with some equipment company, whom I guess Deion promised he could deliver Dez Bryant, but when Dez chose NOT to sign with them Deion stops taking his calls. I believe that's why Deion dissed that young man like that publicly and wanted nothing more to do wit him! Regarding that situation Deion is FOS! Deion is a fake Christian to even utter the words "giving up" on somebody, what would you have done if Jesus "gave up" on YOU Deion? Exactly, That's what Christianity is all about, forgiveness and more than one chance, what a big freaking HYPOCRITE!

.....and Dez banned me from his twitter account for simply say "Miles and Dez can be hell on druken wheels (for defenses), but Dez is about to phuck it all up." Dez is a sensitive little out-of-control crybaby. If he doesn't learn in hyper speed to get his off-the-field behavior in line with his on-field talent, this will be the worst 1st draft pick the Cowboys have ever had. Count on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahhh, nothing like opinions from St. Deion, he who told us that his aversion to tackling running backs was a "business decision" and who later came up with the idea/quote, "if it don't make money, it don't make sense." Yes, that's the one whose advice about others shortcomings I'd want to follow...

The MadTexan wrote this on the same DMN article - he is right on the mark: ""Why hasn't anyone made a bigger effort to connect all of this to UnderArmor? Deion has a contract with UnderArmor to provide sporting goods to his youth football leagues. Deion was advising Dez to sign a shoe endorsement with UnderArmor. Dez agreed to try out the product. When Dez was in training camp last year, the UnderArmor shoes he was wearing were killing his feet. So, he decided not to wear them and not to pursue an endorsement deal. Deion was very upset about this and coincidentally around the same time ceased all communication with Dez. Doesn't anyone find this strange? Especially with the suspension Dez incurred for hanging out with Deion years ago. Deion has said Dez is a liar - the main reason he cut him off. Dez says he's never done anything wrong to Deion and hopes to bury the hatchet.

Here's my two cents. I think Deion was going to get a cut if Dez signed with UnderArmor. Dez probably promised Deion he would endorse UnderArmor. When Dez realized that UnderArmor's shoes suck, he decided against it. Deion calls Dez a liar because now he's not getting his cut. I know Dez has some growing up to do but Deion is one of the shadiest guys out there. I've never trusted Deion. I always felt his finding christ was just a show. He's always been about money, status and recognition - not traits to pass on to kids anyway. I don't know how he's got so many people fooled. He's a wolf in sheeps clothing."""


This was by far the worst written report, grammatically, I've read on here. Was someone drunk at the time this was written?

"doesn't what know to do" Huh? LOL! I'm guessing that was supposed to say "doesn't know what to do".

His last name is Johnston...wow.

His last name is Johnston...wow.

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