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May 18, 2011

Jerry Jones says player-run workouts are fostering leadership

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said he likes what he's hearing about quarterback Tony Romo and several of the Cowboys veterans leading player-run workouts during the lockout.

He said there a lot of positives that could come of it, especially in terms of fostering leadership and team chemistry.

 "I think it’s a real opportunity in a way baring this issue, for our players to take a proprietary  interest on initiating  the type of preparation that’s usually supervised by coaching," Jones said.

"We talk about leadership and basic implementing of the responsibility that goes with organizing preparation as well as executing preparation. I think that’s a good thing. I think there could be some positives from that of initiating by the players these workouts, as opposed to be supervised by the coaches, there could be some positives from that as far as looking ahead to the season.

"Now, that’s looking at it through rose-colored glasses. Let’s try to find some good here. That effort on our players' part is a good thing to go ahead and get organized, and we’re working in a time of year where this is the least activity you have with teams.

"And we’re going into the latter part of May and June when players are off, so I think under the circumstances for them to be organizing and working is a good thing."

Jones said he doesn't worry about the players getting injured in the supervised workouts because he thinks they will look out for themselves and each other. He said the veterans will look out for players like receiver Dez Bryant, who missed the last month of the season with a broken ankle and has yet to be cleared by team doctors for full workouts.

"I think that his teammates when they see each other making the investment that they’re making, it's very important that a player, not just come out and make a play," Jones  said. "It’s very important that he’s invested himself in a lot of work with his teammates.

"That’s why you have the success, when you have a real team concept. And so what goes with that, though, is a certain amount of player responsibility with their teammates to say, 'Hey, let's take it a little easy. We know you’re coming off an injury, so let’s help each other work through the eventual rehab process.' "

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Besides why would Floyd answer any questions concerning Pacquaio when he knew that Arum was working on Pac/Margarito?

There are times you look at him with revelry as a man who, through many failures, became a “football man”, then there are other times you wonder if he needs help dressing in the morning.

thank you for sharing.it is nice post!

Jones has his freakin' nerve. Jerk.

While it's certainly a positive thing to see the players taking the initiative as professionals and having these workouts during the lockout, it remains to be seen, should the current labor impasse extend into the regular season and the individual players start missing five and six-figure game checks, if such unity in purpose will continue. Or will the players then begin to splinter into opposing factions, pitting those who are willing to yield to management's demands against those who would continue to fight for the collective good?

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