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May 18, 2011

Jones says labor deal will ultimately be struck by meaningful talks, not in court

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said his focus and the league's focus is working toward a bargained agreement with the players.

He downplayed the court-ordered mediation and the recent rulings by the court of appeals upholding the lockout.

Jones said he felt frustrated for the fans and believes best thing for the players and the league is to strike a deal talking face to face.

"I do know this, that ultimately it’s going to be resolved by a collectively bargained deal, which means talking," Jones said. " I know that there are certain planned talks, but that doesn’t preclude having other talks and communications.

"I think this ultimately won’t necessarily be resolved through something a court will dictate, such as that particular mediation. It’s ultimately going to be resolved in formal or informal bargaining and communication. I don’t get hung up on, ‘well, they don’t have a talk scheduled for this time or a talk scheduled that time.' There’s nothing inordinate about picking up the phone and just talking directly to someone you’re talking with.’’

 Well, is that happening?

“Again, I’m not going to get into that," Jones said. "I couldn’t and wouldn’t. I’m precluded from doing that. But ultimately it’s going to get resolved by talking and bargaining head-to-head, not through a court system, not through something that has been directed by the court, but at the end of the day which the courts are encouraging us to do, which is sit down and work it out.

"If ultimately that is going to be the way to do it, then it’s not necessarily going to take traditional forms of big conferences and structured conferences. It doesn’t necessarily have to be that way.’’

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Some Dallas Cowboy fans have expressed their displeasure with Jones and the lack of success in the franchise. This had led to formation of grassroots organizations aimed at displacing Jones from his position.

It's going to take a lot more than Jerry's wheeling and dealing to get this done. But he could certainly help move things along. A rock slide has to start with at least one stone.

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