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May 16, 2011

Staubach: Criticism of Romo's leadership is unfair

Roger Staubach has been where Tony Romo is now, so he understands the scrutiny that goes with being America's Quarterback. At the same time, the Hall of Famer has a hard time explaining why Romo's leadership skills have been questioned.

"I think people should keep examining what he has done," Staubach said Monday. "This guy has done unbelievable. He's right at the top in the NFL as far as a quarterback -- as far as his statistics and the things he does. I'm mystified, because it's not our quarterback that is the problem in Dallas. We've got a Super Bowl quarterback. I really believe that the league is so close in parity, and Dallas is the kind of team with Jason [Garrett] that they can be right there in the thick of it this year. Last year, the Green Bay Packers were almost out of it. They lose 11 players [to injury], and yet they got that momentum going. Dallas is right there, and they have the quarterback that can do it. I'm hoping this is our year."

Romo is 39-22 in the regular season as a starter but only 1-3 in the postseason. He has been criticized outside of the organization for playing too much golf in the off-season, and some critics have questioned whether he has turned into the "celebrity quarterback" that Bill Parcells warned against.

But Romo has drawn praise during the lockout for his work in putting together player-only workouts. He was asked last week whether it was a "step in leadership or a natural maturity" that had led him to organize the workouts. He side-stepped the question, saying, "I think we have a lockout right now, and our team needs to get better at football, and the only way to do that is to get out and play football. The more ways we can do that, the more ways it helps our football team."

Staubach said Romo has been the leader of the Cowboys since the day Romo made his first start in 2006.

"He has been a leader," Staubach said. "He's a fierce competitor. They talk about him playing golf. I mean, he works out. He's with his team during the season. He's one heck of a football player, and I don't understand it. I think he's been a leader. You know, you mature as you get experience at that position. The players believe in him; they like him.

"Look at what he's done. He's accomplished a lot. The guy has really been a heck of a football player. He hasn't been the problem. Now, I hope they're resolving some of their problems and helping him."

-- Charean Williams




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BR- odd, my Dad's initials were "BR". Anyway, why don't you just keep on making my case for me? You want Romo? You and Jerrah can have him!! He is surrounded, as is Ben, by some of the BEST resumes in the NFL. Just go back and watch film of 38 year old John Kitna, then look in the archives and find your hero sitting on the bench pouting like he was in the 6th grade, the big baby. In your oh-so-superior opinion, why the hell can't he win? You wanna blame it on Wade? Why not start in the front office, with Jerrah?
The biggest difference between you and me is that you will continue being heartbroken as long as that clown is the QB here, and in the meantime, ole "loser" Ben will probably get yet another ring. And I'll be pulling for my Falcons.
Stats are for losers- rings are for winners. Romo is a loser. And you can have him.

(Quote from the writer): "He was asked last week whether it was a "step in leadership or a natural maturity" that had led him to organize the workouts. He side-stepped the question" (Quote from Roger Staubach): "I think he's been a leader. You know, you mature as you get experience at that position." That the subject of a 31yo, veteran NFL QB's maturity is STILL being referenced -- by two sources in one short article -- indicates there may well be issues with his leadership abilities. You wanna talk about Tony's regular season stats? All right...in every loss that has either kept the Cowboys out of the playoffs or has stopped their advancement after making the playoffs, Tony Romo's personal performance has been sub-par in relation to his regular season numbers. Until Tony and his team at least make it into the Super Bowl, this debate will continue.

If you're resting on Big Ben as the 'leader' because the steelers won rings while he was quarterback, then you should go sell real estate instead of Roger. The Stealers won because they have awesome defense. Ben was a liability in every super bowl he's been in. In fact, he has the dubious honor of being the quarterback that won a superbowl with the worst QB rating in the history of the SB. That wasn't leadership on his part. The steelers don't win because of Ben, they win in spite of him.

Well said and 100% true from someone who knows what it takes to be a winning Dallas QB!

Go back to real estate, Roger. There are 6 billion or so people on this planet. Of those, ONLY 32 are called NFL starting QB's. OF COURSE he can perform! A trained monkey can perform. And he's probably a great guy. But, I think I have a right to expect that performance, based simply on the percentages. BUT- stats are for losers and rings are for winners. You are a winner, Roger- Romo is a loser. He will never win the big game, he is incapable, and it's ALL because he lacks leadership skills. Big Ben's stats suck, but he has rings because he IS a leader. I rest there...

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