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May 11, 2011

Witten will "grunt" for Gridiron Grunts, a new IOS app

Cowboys tight end Jason Witten and Vikings rookie quarterback Christian Ponder have joined Gridiron Grunts, a new iOS app that lets professional athletes communicate with fans through their iPhone, iPad or iPod. He is one of several players who will give real-time verbal updates – or grunts – that are unfiltered.

Gridiron Grunts is available free in the App Store for iPhone, iPad or iPod. Fans can create their own grunt networks, grunt back and forth with friends, personalize grunt channels with profile pictures and welcome grunts from players.

Fans need only to download the app to their iOS device, pick the players they want to follow and subscribe for no charge.

Jason Brown, Vernon Davis, Chris Johnson, Julio Jones, Jeremy Maclin, Philip Rivers and DeAngelo Williams are other popular players who already have signed on.


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It is free. The app is free, there is free content (Philip Rivers, for example, has quite a bit of free content), and using it for personal messaging with your own network is totally free.

So, in this context, I believe there is a lot of "free" there.

A subscription for a channel is 99 cents for a month. Not bad.

C'mon it's not free, if you want to subscribe to a player you have to pay a monthly fee

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