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July 11, 2011

Agent Eugene Parker to be Deion Sanders' Hall of Fame presenter

The Hall of Fame just announced the presenters for the 2011 inductees and it should come as no surprise that former Cowboys cornerback Deion Sanders has selected is long-time agent Eugene Parker to stand alongside him as his presenter.

The presenter is usually someone who played a significant role in a player's career like a family member, coach, teammate, owner or agent.

There is no question that Parker was instrumental in making Deion Sanders the NFL's first true soldier of fortune or gun for hire with the advent of free agency in the 1990's.

Sanders' move from Atlanta to San Francisco in 1994 and then to Dallas in 1995 resulted in back to back Super Bowl rings for him. He was considered the key to title runs by both teams.

Of course, his $35 million contract, including a $13 million signing bonus to join the Cowboys made him the league's highest paid defender and was a record at the time, while setting the standard for cornerbacks to be among the highest paid players in the game.

The Cowboys won "the Deion sweepstakes" to acquire his services against the Eagles, Raiders and Dolphins.

He played with the Cowboys from 1995-1999 then joined the Redskins with a whopping $56 million contract in 2000.

This doesn't include Parker's work with Sanders on his baseball contracts, considering he was a two-sport star, playing with the Yankees and Braves early in his career, or his many marketing and commercial endeavors that earned him more millions.

Parker will join agent Rocky Arceneaux, who will present Marshall Faulk, at theh 2011 induction ceremonies.

 The only other agents ever to serve as presenters at a Pro Football Hall of Fame induction were Howard Slusher for Mike Haynes in 1997 and Leigh Steinberg for Warren Moon in 2006.

Clarence E. Hill Jr.


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