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July 29, 2011

Cowboys fill one hole at DE by re-signing Marcus Spears for $19.2m over 5 years


A year ago, the Cowboys thought so little of Marcus Spears that they paid him less than backups Jason Hatcher and Stephen Bowen.

They then let him become an unrestricted free agent without so much as a decent offer to keep him.

It was a mighty fall for Spears who came to the Cowboys as a first round pick in 2005. 

Time, however, heals all wounds. And perhaps so does a diminished free agent defensive end market.

It's also safe to say the Cowboys missed Spears' play as a run stuffer when he was out last season at had to rely on just Hatcher and Bowen.

Now with Bowen gone to the Redskins for a $27.5 million deal and Hatcher flirting with the Broncos, the Cowboys came back to Spears to shore up their thin defensive end position, signing him a five-year deal worth $19.2 million.

Spears said ecstatic to return to the Cowboys because its where he wanted to be all along.

"I'm home," Spears said. "I'm so happy man. Jerry and Stephen Jones came through."

Spears can't practice with the Cowboys until August 4, per league rules.


Clarence Hill







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I counted at least a half dozen mistakes in this short report. Are you so busy that you can't proofread your own stuff?

"...signing him a five year deal..."

"Spears said ecstatic..."

Really, Clarence, is that the best you can do?

Spears is a better fit. Hatcher and Bowen were avgerage at best.
Look for the Boys to nab Huff, Elam and Cullen Jenkins with Nnamdi as a smokescreen.

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