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July 29, 2011

Cowboys not in the sweepstakes for Nnamdi Asomugha, his agent Ben Dogra said in a text

Pump your brakes on all the reports of Nnamdi Asomugha to the Cowboys.

"The Cowboys are not in the Nnamdi sweepstakes."  Those were words in a text message from his agent Ben Dogra to me on Friday afternoon.

It never made financial sense for the Cowboys, especially considering their cap situation and his salary expectations.

Vice-president Stephen Jones has said all along that he was happy with Terence Newman and Mike Jenkins at cornerback. Coach Jason Garrett said the same thing.

Owner Jerry Jones is the wildcard. He could be looking at Asomugha as he did Deion Sanders in 1995 when he made the move to get him from the 49ers. But then the Cowboys felt they were one player away from a Super Bowl title.

And while Asomugha is the best cornerback in the game not named Darrelle Revis and would make a huge difference in the Rob Ryan's defense, the Cowboys have a lot of needs on defense.

Certainly if they made a play for Asomugha, the Cowboys have to part ways with Newman and his $9 million salary. The problem with that that Newman will still count $4 million against this year's cap and $8 million against the next year's cap, bringing the total of dead money on the 2012 cap to $28 million for players no longer on the team.

The Cowboys would definitely be mortgaging the future for the present.

Of course with Jerry Jones anything is possible.

Clarence E. Hill



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Below average? You're giving the front office way too much credit. These guys are among the laughinstocks of the NFL, a complete embarrassment to the Cowboys franchise. The GM is nothing short of an idiot, and though he wants to remind us of the 3 Super Bowls Jimmy brought to Big D, his track record has had us living through many more lousy seasons than successful ones, at least under Jer-ruh, the GM.

So, the Cowboys decision makers are happy with Newman and Jenkins at the corners. I believe the front office IS happy with them...or they would've made changes.

And that right there reinforces what many of us think.....our front office is below average and way,way below the level of the Eagles front office.

I'm not buying the comment about JG being happy with the corners. His hands are tied and needs to make the best of a bad situation, so he is forced to say all is well.

But, the guys who could've made changes chose NOT to. And that shows me they aren't too bright when it comes to football decisions.

Of course, we pretty much knew this, didn't we? I wonder what it is like to have a well-run organization...like the patriots, eagles, saints, steelers, colts, giants, packers. It does not guarantee them a super bowl...but a shoddy organization does pretty much guarantee NO super bowl.

Good. We need more than one cornerback.

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