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July 28, 2011

Dez Bryant takes the high road about Roy Williams departure, says he's ready for starting role

Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant took the high road when asked about the departure of Roy Williams and his ascension to the starting role in Dallas.
Remember it was last season's camp when Bryant and Williams made national headlines because the then rookie Bryant refused to carry the veteran's shoulder pads in a hazing ritual.
Bryant doesn't have to worry about carrying any thing for Williams this season as he been released by the Cowboys, paving the way for Bryant to move into the starting job opposite Miles Austin.
"It's unfortunate," Bryant said. "I hope for the best for him. I learned some great things from Roy. It's my job to fill that spot. I feel like I'm ready. I'm just going to go from there."
Bryant said his biggest challenge is staying focused, being professional and letting his teammates and coaches know they can count on him.
He said learned lot from his mishaps during the off season, including getting briefly banned from North Park Center Mall for sagging pants and being the subject of lawsuits over nearly $900,000 of debt.
"I feel like I matured as a man," Bryant said. "I'm ready to go. It's all behind me. If it's not taking care of its going to get taking care of."
Bryant said he knows the spotlight is on him and understands he is a lightening rod for controversy based on his past. But he took the high road on that as well.
"I'm not going to look at it as negative," Bryant said. "I look at as everybody wants me to good. I have a big role and its my job to fullfill it and make everybody happy."
Clarence E. Hill Jr.


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Stay out of trouble for yourself, and the rest will take care of itself.

You go Dez!!

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