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July 30, 2011

Jerry said he's made a lot of bad mistakes but would flip a coin on which trade was worse: Roy Williams or Joey Galloway

The debate this week has been whether Joey Galloway or Roy Williams was Jerry Jones' worst trade. So who better to settle it than the man who dealt for both.

"I'd personally have to flip a coin on that," Jones said, refusing to settle the bet.

Galloway cost Jones two first-round picks and was signed to a seven-year, $42 million deal. He played in 48 games, catching 151 passes for 2,341 yards and 12 touchdowns before being traded for Keyshawn Johnson. The Cowboys won no playoff games with him.

Williams caught 94 passes for 1,324 yards and 13 touchdowns in 40 games for the Cowboys. He cost the Cowboys a first- and third-rounder, and Dallas signed him to a five-year, $45 million extension. The Cowboys released him this week.

"I’d love to have that trade back," Jones said. "But I know what a prospect that he was leaving Texas, and I know that he had some phenomenal production in Detroit. He did have some."

But Jones said neither Galloway nor Williams rates as his worst trade ever.

"I’ve made a lot worse mistakes. I have," Jones said. "Matter of fact – and I’m not trying to be cute and I’m not necessarily just referring to that type of mistake. If you said with draft picks, with a roster… We gave a [second-] and a [fifth-round pick] for Alonzo Highsmith when we had two doctor letters – one given to me at two different times – saying this guy will never play again. It’s bone on bone [in his knee], and we gave a two and a five for him. OK? That was kind of some gutty things. I’ve personally made mistakes that I think are of this magnitude."

In a text message, Highsmith, now a scout for the Packers, agreed that he was Jones' worst trade ever.

"No doubt," Highsmith texted, "but I told them my knee was messed up."

-- Charean Williams


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No Jerry..your biggest mistake was naming yuourself...our General Manager!!

NO,no, no...Jerry's worse trade was for himself and letting Jimmy Johnson go.

Jerry should fire himself and hire a GM...especially after reading his own comments.

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