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July 25, 2011

Marty B is ready to do some kicking. And not the football.

It's a simple plan for Cowboys tight end Martellus Bennett. He's ready to ... uh ... um ...
"Can I say kick ---? I'm ready to kick ---!"
That was his answer to reporters Monday at a charity event at Six Flags when they asked him how he felt about the NFL getting back to business.
"I'm very happy and excited," he said in his loud, boisterous voice.
He's in shape, but he wants to be in football shape. The solo workouts and informal team workouts helped, but they didn't get him in football shape, he said.
"You can never get in football shape, actually, no matter how much you grind, how much you do," he said. "Actually going on the field and playing is totally different from any running or conditioning you do. You're never in football shape. Just good shape."
-- Carlos Mendez


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Totaly agree football shape is totaly different from just being in shape and the good part is that at least most of the players are realizing this.

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