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July 25, 2011

NFL back in business? Cowboys equipment trucks rolling to San Antonio

Cowboys equipment trucks left the team's Valley Ranch training facility Sunday night headed for San Antonio.

That's certainly a good indication that the NFL season will soon be back in business.

Nothing has been officially decided and the timing of it all remains a fluid situation. But all indications are that the 32 player reps will vote to recommend the new CBA on Monday, with the remaining 1,900 players free to report to their respective teams as soon as Wednesday for physicals and to vote on the new deal.

To that end, the Cowboys are dead set on spending at least two weeks in San Antonio for camp, fulfilling the final year of their contract at the Alamodome. Some team employees have already set up shop there in anticipation of camp. The transporting of the equipment puts their plans in overdrive.

The Cowboys equipment staff need fours days to set up for camp, although they may have to it sooner than that if the team will have the players report immediately to San Antonio rather than Valley Ranch for physicals.

Practice could begin as soon as Thursday but certainly by the weekend if the players approve the new CBA as expected on Monday.

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