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July 07, 2011

Ring returned to Roy Williams, TMZ reports

A $76,000 engagement ring has been returned to a representative of Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Roy Williams, according to a report by TMZ.com.

TMZ.com reported that the mom of Williams' ex-girlfriend, 2009 Miss Texas USA Brooke Daniels, says the ring was returned to Williams' attorney Wednesday near Houston. Daniels is from Tomball.

Williams had mailed the engagement ring and a recorded marriage proposal to Daniels as part of a pre-Valentine Day's surprise package in February, according to the Odessa American.

The Odessa newspaper reported that Williams had filed a lawsuit seeking the ring's return. The report included a copy of an affidavit Williams filed detailing the situation.

Daniels' father had said the ring was considered a gift, but that he would return the ring to avoid a legal hassle.


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af skønhed, og selv en grund til hans glade, glade for at stole på. Tvetydige mand, vil en kvinde ofte falder i drømme, og at han værdsatte hendes mere af en selvtillid!
Men den tvetydighed også ondt! En pige fast besluttet på at slå op med sin kæreste, fordi: "Han og mine kammerater sammen, vil altid gerne røre ved min kammerats hår, tror jeg ikke, de vil roughhouse med hinanden og jeg har ikke tid eller energi re- De ser tæt til ansigtet, selvom jeg ved

Must not of been much of a relationship if the poor guy had to mail her a marriage proposal. But sending a ring worth 76 grand through the US Mail?? Roy, I love ya but what were ya thinkin' for cryin' out loud. Get hold of yourself man, she ain't that pretty.

Just another _hore trying to take advantage of a nice guy. Roy's much better off!

The lawsuit stated that Williams mailed the ring and a recorded marriage proposal to Daniels in February. Apparently, she wasn’t swept away with the offer.

Really people it's not that serious, so the proposal was not good, but I'm sure he would have made up for that mistake.$76,000.00 ring I'm sure she had much better things to come, and maybe even a wonderful life.He's a guy,guy's are STUPID!

Common sense would dictate that if you turn down a guy's marriage proposal that you would return the ring. It's pretty simple. Now if she had accepted and Roy had later ended the engagement himself, that would be a different story, but that's not what happened.

How can her father consider it a gift when it wasn't for him. The girlfriend did not except the marriage proposal no matter how "tacky" some may feel his surprise proposal was so she should have returned it. He should have gone to Judge Judy where she would have made mince meat of her and her dad! LOL Next time Roy be smatter!

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