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July 28, 2011

Rob Ryan shouldn't take it slow with new Cowboys defense, Ware says

If new defensive coordinator Rob Ryan wants to put in as much of his defense as he can in as short a time as he can, linebacker DeMarcus Ware won’t discourage him.

“We put in about 10 plays today,” Ware said after the first walkthrough of camp. “Usually, we put about three plays in.”

Sounds like a lot.

“And we didn’t make a lot of mistakes,” Ware said. “That’s probably encouraging to him. It says, ‘Hey, we’ve been studying and we’re really ready for that punch that you’re trying to throw at us.’ ”

-- Carlos Mendez


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New coach, new scheme, lockout when they should be boning up on the playbook. Sounds like a recipe for disaster. Give them the benefit of a doubt, but I have a REAL feeling the Jets game will come a couple of weeks too soon.

I can't wait to see how this defense looks with Bob Ryan's schemes. Will we look smarter? More physical? More unpredictable?

I hope so.

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