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August 27, 2011

Bennett has high-ankle sprain; Ball a hyperextended elbow

Tight end Martellus Bennett was in a walking boot as he left Mall of America Field. He has a high ankle sprain of his right ankle. Bennett, who is in the last year of his contract, has made 68 catches for 702 yards and four touchdowns in three seasons since the Cowboys made him a second-round pick.

"I don’t know the length of time [Bennett will be out]," Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said. "It’d be a big setback for us, because we’re counting on him."

Cornerback Alan Ball left the field after his 20-yard touchdown return of a blocked field goal. He has a hyperextended left elbow.

Rookie cornerback Josh Thomas did not finish the game because of a left hamstring injury.

-- Charean Williams





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Yes he is a bum even on madden he sucks can't block or catch

Bennett needs to work on his demeanor. It's the way he acts on the field that subjects him to so much criticism. Every time I see him in the game, he's walking back to the huddle with his head hung low- It's as if he needs a pep talk after each play.

He can be effective, but his demeanor makes you wonder how much he really cares? Maybe trading him to Cincinnati a few years ago for a 2nd round pick wouldn't have been so bad after all.

Make or break year for Bennett.

What many people deem as "aloofness" and "goofiness" and "distracted by the call of Hollywood", etc. to describe Marty B. are really describing his funny, irreverant, creative, and intelligent personality. He is genuinely a good teammate and cares about the team. He also just likes to entertain the media and fans.

As for his career so far, we haven't seen much, nor probably never will on the football field. He's too brittle. That's not a knock on him as a human being. Heck, most humans are "too brittle" to play pro ball. I'm looking forward to seeing Marty B's career in Hollywood rise to dizzying heights, following the path of the star he most resembles--Jamie Fox.

So, Marty, don't let your detractors get you down. You got the talent. The talent to make it in Hollywood. Give up football before you have to do your standup comedy routine in a wheelchair.

I totally agree. Bennett is a bum. He's always been lazy in practice too. He recently said this offseason that he since he got married, he finally has something to play for (his wife). How about your teammates? He's a selfish and lazy dude that doesn't really care about the team. At least that's the impression he gives off. I say wash your hands of him and let him go. We should have traded him when we could have got a decent draft pick for him.

Well don't count on Marty B to be anything but a bench warmer... This is the last year of his contract and he has never played a full season--always hurt and on the sideline--he's dead weight--cut him loose and find a decent cornerback to take his roster spot.

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