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August 02, 2011

In his own words: Tony Romo talks about Dez, Miles, marriage and the first week of camp


Tony Romo's answers a few questions about the first week of camp, including the new defense, the play of Dez Bryant and Miles Austin and marriage

On whether it’s been slow getting started:

“No, it’s been good actually. There’s a lot stuff being thrown at a lot of guys. We have a lot of young guys being out there put in positions and we’ve thrown a lot at them. It’s been very good. I’ve been very pleased. The guys have gotten off to a pretty good start. We have to minimize a couple of mistakes, just the mental errors on some plays, but that’s to be expected the first few days of camp.”


On what he is going to do on the players day off tomorrow:

“I don’t know, probably try to sleep and then I’ll probably grab some lunch with some of the guys.”


On the first week of practice:

“To you guys, it may not feel like a lot of work, but to the guys, they’ve grinded away. It’s been a long, hard week and practice goes on for a while so it’s been a great test for each guy individually to get physically get through it, I think.”


On what he thinks about the new defense:

“Defense looks good. They’ve got a lot of stuff in. I expect nothing but great things out of them this year. It’s going to be exciting to see.”


On whether it was a sight adjustment on the line when he threw a long touchdown pass to Dez Bryant yesterday:

“Yeah. I signaled to him out there to change the play and he did a good job picking up the play. (We) were lucky to catch the corner sitting a little bit.”


On Dez Bryant’s progression:

“He’s coming a long way. Dez (Bryant) has had a good camp. Offensively, we’re rolling right along. It’s been a really good start to camp. It’s exciting to see.”


On the benefits that can come from Miles Austin and Dez Bryant now being buddies:

“The more you talk about the game and the more you’re around the game, the more you put yourself in a position to hear what someone else does to make them successful. It just can’t help but help you grow as a player. I think they’re both doing a great job of competing everyday and having fun doing it.”


On Dez Bryant and Miles Austin’s camp performance:

“Dez comes to work every day he’s out here. When he’s here he just puts his working hat on and he goes out here and runs all day. Miles (Austin) is the same way. They both have a great work ethic; they both have a great attitude. From a quarterback’s perspective, its fun being out here throwing with these guys over and over again.”


On how much is new and different in the offense:

“We’re always putting in some new things each year that comes in. Overall, of course stuff will be similar but we have some new stuff that we’re pretty excited about.”


On how much he learned watching the games while he was injured:

“You missed the game and playing football. You just have that passion. That’s why you played it when you were young. It’s what you want to be back out here doing. For me, you get to look at it from a coach’s perspective in some ways when you watch the game on the sideline and you’re listening in on the calls from both sides. You gain an understanding of what their thought process is a little. I gained a little bit of understanding from the coach’s perspective in a game.”


On whether he feels he is sharp:

“I’ve been pretty sharp here at the start of camp. This is exciting for me, just coming out and throwing it like I have. I think going forward you’re always going to do little things, but the ball wants to come out nice, fast, hard, and be able to grab it and be able to throw it 20 yards and be accurate, you know, it’s exciting.”


On how is shoulder feels:

“Shoulder is good. I feel great. I’m throwing the ball well.”


On the offseason workouts he held:

“We wouldn’t have gotten off to anywhere near the start we have offensively without that work.  We’re seeing a lot of crazy stuff by our defense. In years past it would have been very difficult for us to kind of handle some of this stuff. You’re not right on every play. We’re not always getting into the correct play versus a lot of the stuff we’re running. But you have to manage it and go out there and do what you can.”


On the disappointing season last year and that the team doesn’t seem to be talking about any expectations this year:

“I think expectations come with success and we weren’t obviously successful with our win/loss record last year. That’s just part of the process, and we know that, so we don’t hear as many questions about it per se, and probably not as many stories about it. For us, it’s all hearsay. It doesn’t really matter whether you guys ask us questions or you talk about it or you don’t. It’s just about going out here and working hard today and getting better and becoming the best team and individually we can be. When we do all of that, that will give us our best chance to win.”


On the long passing game:

“I think you’re always trying to do everything on the field. You want to be able to throw it down the field. I think we’ve put some stuff in that’s pretty exciting and we’ll probably see more of that as we continue to go here.”



On whether being married changes the approach to a job (based on a quote by Martellus Bennett):

“I can’t comment for Martellus (Bennett). I just think sometimes when you find someone it slows things down for some people. It makes it a little bit easier to get to bed on time or do things of that nature. You know, there’s food on the table at the end of the day; all that fun stuff.”

Clarence E. Hill Jr


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I am on Romo's side, but he has a ways to go to get to Danny White. Lets see Tony in a couple of NFC Championship games and then, even with losses, he will be on par with Danny White.

Romo has not yet accomplished what Danny White did. The more time passes, the harder people are on Danny White for some reason.

romo the man, the cowboys are going to be awesome this season, with romo now married and all and focus on getting that danny white perception off his back, is going to be great. the pressure to win it all is on the iggels, the cowboys will b representing the nfc when it's all said and done simply because everybody beleives the cowboys are still this 6-10 team. last year was a fluke, the cowboys with no pressure will exceed expectations. romo will hav an mvp seaon, simply because of what he observed during the time of his injury and is now hav learned what it means to be the leader of america's team. go cowboys super bowl bound.

don't see anymore than 6-10 for ya paperboys!lol!

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