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August 22, 2011

Jason Garrett not happy with performance, says Cowboys were exposed and have a lot things that need to be addressed


The mantra of it's okay, we'll get them next time, left the Cowboys when Wade Phillips fired last season.
Jason Garrett is holding the Cowboys accountable for how they perform in the practice and it games.
To that end, he was not happy with last night's performance against the Chargers and let the players know it in no uncertain terms after the game.
It wasn't so much the 20-7 setback as it was the three turnovers, mental breakdowns and gaffes on defense.
Never mind that it was just the second preseason game. Garrett said things must be cleaned up now, especially the turnovers.
"What I told the team after was, without having seen the stats, I bet we had more yards," Garret said. "I bet we ran for more yards. I bet we threw for more yards. I bet we were better on third down. But ultimately it comes down to we turned it over three times and they didn't turn it over at all. We need to do a better job taking care of the football. We need to do a better job getting it away from them. That is statistic No. 1 in the NFL and we lost tonight. I think that was a big reason why."
Garrett was not done either.
He said "we live in reality. There was some things that happened that exposed us. There were a number of mental mistakes. We need to play better. There are some things that happened tonight that are mistakes that we shouldn't have made. There were some good things that happened but there were a lot of things that need to be addressed."
Clarence Hill 



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"Whatever we expect with confidence becomes our own

self-fulfilling goal".

Thats cool John, I agree with all the things all of you say...just don't think fans of the same team should hate on each other is all. I do understand his point on paying for big name players it does make you have to skimp eleswhere so I truely think Philadelphia went for the short term but it will catch up to them. It is odd he didn't choose to come here I'm sure they came close money wise in the offer they made. If the reports are true they were in the running for him.

he is right we have a supperbowl team what the hell is wrong with the team. garett is alot better than the fat wade phillips . cowboys can be number 1 again ,we have a coach that can take the team all the way . cowboys pull your head out of your ass and listin to your coaches,

Jeff, Flex attacked me first remember? I didn't attack him first. I'm just defending myself. I have that right. Maybe I was a little too mean spirited in my counterattack and I apologize. I guess I got a little too worked up after that lazy loss to the Bolts. I'll tone it down from now on, but, jeesh, can ya please tell a Brother what these 'Boyz need to do to get a lot better? And I mean they need to get A LOT BETTER when the real season starts.

Oh one last thing, you can make disagreements and state issues you have with someone without doing it the way you did John... Like the way bringbacktheflex shared his thoughts and even though he said you fools I don't really feel it was nearly as negative as you. My complaint was one of humor with the spelling and grammar hope no one was offended lol. Anyways take care to all, hope the season goes well!

Grammar wouldn't hurt either... John in Arlington whats your deal man, this is a place to make comments about what you feel is going on and what decisions you think would be benificial, not to talk down on someone because of their thoughts they expressed. What a jerk you look like.

Lol you guy's crack me up. Quite a few of you need to learn how to proof read your comments, the spelling is atrocious; so much so I can't even understand the point your trying to make...

BringBackTheFlex...that name says it all--you're a football DINOSAUR!! You wouldn't know good 21st century NFL football if it bit you on your crusty ole' nose. So, just shut up and let us modern, with-it fans talk NFL football here. No one said great shut down corners or D-Linemen are a dime-a-dozen! Does Ware weigh 340lbs?!! No! I said we need a couple of great big 340lb run stuffers who can also get after the QB! And those type of D-Linemen are all over the league--look at Green Bay, Patriots, Bolts, Indianapolis, Houston, Bears, etc...They can be found stupid. There's probably a couple of good ones still on the street that the 'Boyz could bring into camp for a looksee.

As for great corners--why can't the 'boyz attract the best free agent corners to sign with our team? Explain that dipstick. Oh, cat got yer tongue?!! Thought so. Your pal Gerrah either scares away the good ones, or, he lacks the skills necessary to find and sign 'em-- Your choice.. Why else did Asomugha give your best friend Gerrah the cold shoulder and chose that sewer called "Philadelphia" instead. So think next time before you let your 8th grade educated, 1950's brain attack a superior intellect on here.

At least we now have a head coach who will hold the team acocuntable and who also sees the importance of cleaning up the mess before it gets too big. Under Wade Phillips the focus was always lacking and seemed to get progressively worse over the years. Under Garrett, at least we know he won't let it slide. Now if we could only get a couple of corners who can stay healthy.

Oh and Jerry Stopping a Player Dumping Ground,For had beens,for losers like Roy Williams he didn't know the meaning of the word winning,Detroit had only won 9 games in three seasons,so they were going to Rid of him Anyway,Stop letting losing teams,Play the Dallas Cowboys as Suckers,By dumping Sorry Ass players to the Boys,from now ,get your moneys Get the best players from them with a little extra incentives,Roy will should have been on the Cowboys Roster,you should taken him but traded,him again that's the way the Game is played,We got Played !

Jerry Jones if there's another Corner Available,u better get him because Mr,Newman is going to quit on you this year,for threat of Releasing him,you'll pay for that with your Season,The Corner position Should have been the first thing you addressed in the draft,I say trade a few 3string offense and Defensive players to get another shut Down,Corner is a last good option ,Remember jerry Jones,JR,Knows I'm a 30yr fan and I'm not from ,Dallas hey Jerry Jones,Why don't you Hire Jimmy Johnson Again.But just as your Draft Day Player Picker,you'll get to.the Super Bowl much Faster,With jimmy Johnson picking your players For the Dallas Cowboys!

I am a real Cowboy Fan and I watched the game too, and what I seen , worried me as a fan, we could not stop the run at all and we attemped to look like we knew what we were doing, but in realiaity, the guys out there looked like they just learned how to play in the NFL.
we are a better team , than what we showed and to let down the the coaching staff and us the fans, well all i have to say is shame on you!!!
this is not the cowboys i am used to watching, like someone said, we might go 5-10 and if we are lucy 8-8.
you guys need to buckle it up and show us fans how good the Dallas Cowboys want to be and show it on the feild with a win! and with some swagger and gumpution!!!! there is a star on your helments for a reason, but you have to earn it!!! its not a gift giving to you. ask marion Barber, or Roy Williams, you see what happened to them.
they didn't play up to what they could have and now there gone.

I have to laugh. "We need to get a shut down corner. We need another pass rusher like Ware. We need blah blah blah..."

You guys act like you can just run down to the market and pick up an All-Pro corner and pass rusher. Not going to happen. There is no one like Ware. The cost of a shut down corner means we can't afford other areas. Wake up, fools.

way to go Garrett make em responsible this year start that right out the gate so we can clear that up and it will be understood because if we can get our mental status right we can do big things this year.the reason we've sucked the last few years is because the team was'nt held accountable.

One thing I've noticed for YEARS about this defense is that we never clog passing lanes and jump routes. Our DBs are almost always in chase mode. Sure, some of that is on them, but then again, we never force bad passes. There's something so FLAWED with this team.

Lets make some wagers---what game will Romo pick to fake his annual late season injury in?I say game 12.

Hey MADIDIOT...we Cowboyz fans reserve the right to be critical of our beloved NFL football team any time we want. We don't have to sit by and spout flowery phrases through rose colored glasses and be "yes men" like you when we see and smell "crap" for a football team. We have to pay $3,000/seat to watch this stinkfest whether they win or lose. So STFU!!

As for this most recent Preseason stinker we laid against the Bolts--"Hey MOM!!!! The cupboards bear!! Better go to the store and get us some groceries before we starve!!" And that sums up this current average NFL talent 'Boyz team we just saw yesterday. They got one gem in the 2011 draft--Smith. They got one potential player who could be at least as good as Barber was before he got paid--Tanner (cut Miller NOW!!! SEND A MESSAGE!). I thought they found a 3rd WO in Harris based on that first preseason game, but, he turned out to be just a mirage. They found absolutely no D-linemen of note--isn't it funny how teams like the Bolts keep finding D-linemen gems in the draft while the 'Boyz couldn't find a priest at the Vatican if their life depended upon it. Maybe Ryan will change that and tell our crypt-keeper owner/GM to butt out when it comes to drafting D-Linemen and D-backs! Ryan, if anything, seems persistant and football intelligent.

Anyway, count me as another in a long line of disgruntled fans who did not like what they saw yesterday--preseason game or no preseason game. I for one am getting sick and tired of seeing a team that seems to think it can ride it's several BIG horses to victory every game--Ware, Romo, Witten, Jones, Bryant, and Austin. Hey guys, you're gonna need a shut down corner and a young big ole' mean 340 lb D-lineman ( and same for an O-linemen) or two to compete with Philly for a title.

Glad to see a coach who is willing to tell the boys like it is. Instead of trying to be their friend. I love my Cowboys and want to see them go to the Super Bowl, but the defense does need to get better. Saying we are a work in progress doesn't cut it when you are only two games away from full season. Thank you Garrett for doing what a coach should do.


Our corners were not the problem. The problems had to do with mental mistakes and interceptions. Overall, they have not had the preparation they usually have. They will get better, give the coaches and players a chance to improve. I believe the Cowboys will have a great season. I cannot predict if they are superbowl bound, but I will not tear them down week after week like some of you do.

You guys that see the glass half full, really know nothing about football. The Secondary collectively couldn't cover a single corpes. Other than Ware, the linebackers don't fill holes and leave running lanes that a semi could travel untouched through. The offense had moments, but the recievers are thin, very thin. The only thing that I noticed was the RB Tanner, that guy is a football player. May have been against backups, but I like a RB that runs violent, and he did. It's going to be a long season for the Cowgirls! I hope Gerry gives Ryan some time, because he's going to look bad due to the lack of talent, not his schemes!

I played the game and what I saw last night is fixable and I have confidence in Ryan,but the talent on this team and I aim it at the defence that is in question and they are with the same personel as last year and that defence couldn't stop a cold even if they were heavily medicated.Newman is made of glass and breaks easily,Sensabaugh is suspect at best and really hasn't picked up the schemes that Ryan is placing.Olshansky is a pilon out there and should get a job directing traffic with the gapping lanes he's allowing and might as well be an escort for the RBs.I know its early and improvements will come but with the talent thats in the defensive backfield they are going to be exposed deep as they were the last two years. Theres alot of hoping going on for Jenkins to bounce back from last year,as for Newman they were going to turf him if they landed Asomogha so what does that tell you of what level of confidence they have in him.Then theres Spencer who seems to play when he feels like it and I tell ya he better turn it up because that kid Albright and Butler are hot on his tail and I think its time they get something for him ..........like send him to Wade in Houston and get a draft pick for him,Wade really likes him.Offensively I'm only worries about Felix Jones durability and can he take 25 carries a game.The young o-line will have its growing pains but I'm confident Hudson will get them on the same page by game day.This team kinda reminds me of the Chargers in the 70s,they will score 30+ points on the board and the failing secondary will allow 40.I believe that this team will play alot of catch up ball this year with this defence.Defence wins games and the offence of the Cowboys won't be able to sustain the defence to win enough games to reach the playoffs.Next years draft must concentrate on defensive personel and hopefully have enough cap space to afford them.The Cowboys will go maybe 9-7 or 8-8 and miss the playoffs by the narrowist of margins,neverless Romo will be golfing early January.

If one doesn't like what Jones does or how the Cowboys coaches coach, one should buy the team, hire one's own coaches and sit in the owner's box with one's mouth shut. In other words, put your money were your mouth is. Meanwhile, shut your negative mouths and join the real Cowboy fans.

The Dallas Cowboys are great...from owner to coaches to players to cheerleaders to water and Gator Aid carriers and fans.

That's my opinion

Until JJ upgrades the corners and safety positions, expect this kindof play. Until JJ understands he is not a GM things will never improve. This year even with DEZ. Miles Witten, Dallas will finish at 5-11 maybe, maybe 6-10. They will not be able to stop a leak in the secondary. Detroit will beat Dallas, two to Philly split with Reskins, maybe a split with Giants, a loss at NE, a loss to Arizona and on we go. It makes sick to think that put we suck in the secondary. Newman and Jenkins are terrible. Great offense but bad D.

Lol its funny reading stuff that makes no sense, if everyone in here new as much about football as they think they wouldnt say such funny comments.First of all romo did ok and from his performance cowboy fans should be happy,his health and rebounding from his injury is the issue, its never been his performance,are running game looked way way better,ware looked like ware, and our defense looked way better in the sense of schemes and blitzing,our coverage was horrible but our top to corners werent in the game,church is looking really good for being unheard of,our o-line looked better,not great but our #1 draft pick looks good and is only 20 and learning,if the line does better then last year and keeps romo healthy our offense will be fine like usuall,are sacks and blitzing will be alot better then the past years,and it showed in the first half of that chargers game,but our weak spot is our coverage,we have 2 good corners no great shut down corners, and our biggest issue behind o-line is our safetys wich we did nothing about, i think we are 1 or 2 more good 0-lineman 1 good DE and 2 good safetys from the superbowl,but cowboy fans calm down,were way better then last year,the o-line is better how much we'll see,our HB is looking way better then barber,and our new coach and defensive coach are a big upgrade and i think with in the next 2 yrs the cowboys will be the team in the nfc to watch out for

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