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August 19, 2011

Jerry Jones says Jimmy Johnson on list of future candidates, though no timetable set

It's been six year since the Cowboys last inducted a player in the Ring of Honor.

Owner Jerry Jones will end that drought in 2011 when he inducts Drew Pearson, Larry Allen and Charles Haley.

The question now is who’s next on the list for Jones.

He wouldn't speculate on current players possibly making it cut, though he said he hopes he has a few that will find their name up there.

DeMarcus Ware and Jason Witten have the best resume so far.

Of course, the thing that separates this current group from those on the list is their playoff and Super Bowl success.

"I certainly think we have players that have a chance to make that kind of contribution," Jones said. "But these guys are pretty special. They were all part of Super Bowls here. So that’s pretty special. But, again, I don’t want that to make that the criteria – at all. I wouldn’t."

It goes without saying that Jones may include more players from the team's that won three Super Bowl titles in 1990's. But he said the door hasn't completely been shut on players from the Tex Schramm and Tom Landry era of the 1970's with Harvey Martin, Cornell Green, Ed Jones and Charlie Waters topping the list of future possibilities.

Jones also didn't rule out the candidacy of coach Jimmy Johnson, the architect of the 1990's dynasty who was fired after a falling out with Jones after the second Super Bowl title.

"He certainly is someone that I would consider," Jones said. 

 Clarence E. Hill Jr.



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Jimmy deserves to be up there. He was a great coach that helped this team win 3 Super Bowls and despite the way things ended he is still loyal to the Cowboys. You can tell he still loves them and we the fans still love him.

Get err done Jerry!

Listen up JJ. Jimmy Johnson put the Cowboys at the top of the list after you took over ownership. If it had not been for him, the Cowboys would not have won three super bowls in the nineties. Yeah I know he was only coach for two of them but the third win was still his team and game plan with dipstick Barry at the helm. And you have hired nothing but loser coaches ever since Jimmy Johnson left. The books still open for Garrett but honestly I don't thing the revolving door is closed yet. And probably won't be until you step down as GM and hire someone qualified to do the GM's job.

Jimmy should be automatic!

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