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August 03, 2011

Terence Newman pulls up lame during a pass coverage drill

SAN ANTONIO - Well, what's a nice way to say this? Terence Newman appears hurt. And we're not at Week 1 of Fake Football.

About 15 minutes ago during a pass coverage drill, Newman pulled up lame and went to the ground. He was there for a minute or two before walking oh-so gingerly to the sidelines where he immediately went, most likely, to the training room.

He appeared to be favoring his, uhh, man parts region. This could very well mean he has a groin issue. Not good. But there is, however, plenty of time until Week 1 of the real season begins.

- Mac Engel


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Here we go, the injury bug. This will force someone with lesser skills to cover for Newman.

Missing on Nnammdi Asomugho will haunt the Cobots front office 4 years to come. Too bad.

They new they needed help at corner but did nothing,suprise!!!!!

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