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August 12, 2011

Witten not surprised by Cowboys' effort to rally in preseason opener

Preseason wins or losses are no big deal to two-time All-Pro tight end Jason Witten.

But when the Cowboys were driving for a victory in the preseason opener Thursday night, and then went for the win on a 2-point conversion, he wasn’t surprised by the attitude.

It came from head coach Jason Garrett, who wants even seemingly minor things done right.

“Jason made a clear message to us – every time we do it, everything we do,” Witten said. “There’s something to be said about that. Obviously, you’re evaluating young guys. Maybe it’s not about the wins and losses, but it really is. Ultimately, you’re trying to stack those games. You want to move the ball. You want to stop them. You want to see where you’re at.

“You can’t just drop the line, ‘Hey, it’s preseason,’ because you learn a lot about your team in these situations.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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