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September 15, 2011

Bryant stays in as practice starts; Newman out again this week as Cowboys go slow with him

Wide receiver Dez Bryant did not appear for Thursday's practice during the portion open to the media, and owner Jerry Jones said cornerback Terence Newman will not play this week.

Bryant is recovering from a thigh contusion apparently suffered in last week's game. Jones said Bryant should be fine for the game Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers.

With Newman, who has been out with a groin injury suffered Aug. 3, the Cowboys are being extra cautious because he suffered a similar injury three years ago. He suffered a slight tear in his groin at the start of training camp in 2008 and missed the preseason plus the regular-season opener. He had surgery to repair a hernia in October that year.

"We thought we got him back out there a little quick (then), so we’re being ultra sensitive," Jones said. "If this were the Super Bowl this weekend, he’d be playing. We would take the risk if it were at that juncture of the season. But with the full season and where we are, then we’re giving him extra time."

-- Carlos Mendez

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ok I have achillies tendonitis, I go work out, run a,mile or 2 everyday, I dont let my injury stop me from doing what I have to do. why cant newman do the same. that's why we should have given namdi what he wanted or gone after cromatie, newman is going to be injured for a long while, and the cowboys shouldnt care if newman was offended, if he didnt like it he coukd have asked for a trade, now newman needs to step up and show the cowboys that not getting namdi was worth it. but hiw is he going to show it on the bench. or maybe his injury is really that bad. we should have gone after namdi and cromatie

Dallas needed receivers too...they should have signed Brandon Stokely who was out there but just signed with a team...In the playoffs last year with Seattle he had 12 catches for 158 yards and 2 TD'S. Their front office is just stupid!!!!

Mr,Newman is a Cry Baby,and Should be traded for another Quality DB ,Does anyone know if Darren Sharper is Still Available I"d Sign Mr terrence Newman on the unable to perform Practice Squad until I could trade,him he doesn't deserve to be a Dallas Cowboy Anymore! He Remains of a 2yr old falling off a Swing !

T-New should have been traded before the start of the season. He has become more and more like Al Harras, and Bob Sanders who were always hurt every year, but made tons of money. It's time for T-New to poop, or get off the pot. This is ridiculous. Every year it's the same thing, and T-New has shown us this pattern long enough now.

They should have traded Mr Fragile before the start of the season. He gets hurt too much. Does Newman not know how to stretch before practice or games? Its ridiculous every year its something with that dude.

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