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September 06, 2011

Cowboys went with familiar face in signing new fullback

The Cowboys, who cut four fullbacks over the weekend, signed fullback Tony Fiammetta following his release by Carolina because they were familiar with him.

“Fullbacks are more scarce in this league than they’ve been in a number of years, and he was a guy that we liked coming out of school,” Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said. “So when he became available, we just thought it was a good idea for us to give him an opportunity and see what he can do.”

Fiammetta was a fourth-round pick two years ago by the Panthers out of Syracuse. He practiced Monday.

“It will be a work in progress for him to understand what our system of football is, and hopefully he’ll be able to pick it up fairly quickly,” Garrett said. “We’ll see if he’s able to help us this week at some point.”

The Cowboys used four fullbacks in training camp, last year's starter Chris Gronkowski, draft pick Shaun Chapas, converted linebacker Isaiah Greenhouse and converted tight end Jason Pociask. They brought Greenhouse back on the practice squad.

Fiammetta already has an idea of how he'll fit in.

“It looks like they like to use the fullback a lot,” he said. “It looks like they want a fullback that can help the run game out.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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I am not that crazy about Romo, but you can't be an accurate passer when you are running for your life on every play. Our biggest problem is our offensive line and defensive players that don't produce big plays.

Gronski is worthless not only did he miss the block that killed romo he also miss the block that allow Bryant to get hurt. I'm glad he is out of here and I love how garrett is getting rid of all these KP players, (kp kant play). Now he needs to start with defense. Why they give another KP player scrandrick that money is beyod me.

Daryl "Moose" Johnson was the bomb of all fullbacks. It's not like the Boys have been all together in quite a while. Those people who want to keep blaming Romo for not winning the big one need to remember there is no "I" in team, well there's no "1" in team either.

I don't understand why they would not have kept Gronkowski, was he just not cutting it? I am not familiar with Fiammenta at all, Gronkowski was at least familiar with our offense, unless Romo getting hurt was the reason. It just seems like they took a few weeks backwards until Fiammenta catches up. Maybe it will work out.

why not..last fullback they got out of Syracuse (Moose) worked out nicely:)

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