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September 16, 2011

Cowboys will play keep away from Ginn Jr.

The Cowboys have an eye on 49ers return man Ted Ginn Jr., and for good reason. Ginn returned a kickoff 102 yards for a touchdown and had a 55-yard punt return for a score in a 59-second span of the fourth quarter.

The Cowboys spent extra time in practice working on Ginn, with Teddy Williams simulating Ginn's speed early in the week before Williams was injured. Cowboys coach Jason Garrett constantly reminded his special teamers in practice how dangerous Ginn is. Kickoff specialist David Buehler was going to watch yet more film of Ginn after practice Friday.

"Look, I didn’t know he was that good. I didn’t," punter Mat McBriar said. "I haven’t come up against him before. When I played Miami, [Davone] Besswas back there. So I haven’t really scouted him before. But looking at tape and obviously seeing the returns after the weekend, he’s just good. He’s really good. Really good."

Ginn is fast, Olympic speed fast. The Cowboys will try to keep the ball out of his hands by directionally punting with good hang time and trying to kick the ball out of the end zone on kickoffs. Buehler had 51 touchbacks his first two seasons but only one on Sunday against the Jets.

"He's a heck of a returner, but we've got a heck of a cover team," Buehler said. "Obviously, it all starts with the kick, and I've got to get good hang time and good direction and good depth. He has good speed, but we're trying to make him move east and west and not north and south. That's when he gets dangerous is when he's moving downfield. We're trying to make him move toward the sidelines, and if we do that and hit him hard and hit him in the mouth early, I don't think he'll want to run too hard against us."

-- Charean Williams

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The worst thing that Ginn does, in terms of "juking" out an opposing player, is momentarily bobble the ball, which for whatever reason "freezes" the opposing player and then Ginn secures the ball and then Ginn is gone. If a player "falls" for one of Ginn's jukes, then Ginn is also gone. If Ginn does not call for a fair catch, then the first Cowboys player has to "plow" into Ginn and all the Cowboys have to try to swarm to Ginn, because if Ginn makes that first player miss, then he jukes one way and is gone the other way and with his speed...if he turns the corner - he is gone.

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