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September 16, 2011

Dwight Clark: Why are Cowboys America's Team?

Dwight Clark made his name against the Cowboys with "The Catch," one of the most famous plays in NFL history. Clark, now the team's business-operations consultant, was asked by San Francisco reporters this week about the rivalry with the Cowboys and said: "The America's Team thing rubs the other 31 teams a little raw. Not that they're as much of an America's Team now, and not that they have the arrogance now, but why are they America's Team? They probably named themselves that."

Clark could use a history lesson: It was Bob Ryan of NFL Films who coined the phrase while editing the Cowboys' 1978 highlight film. Cowboys coach Tom Landry intially did not approve of the nickname, feeling it gave opponents added motivation when they played Dallas.

-- Charean Williams

Twitter: @NFL_Charean


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Dwight's little comment "Not that they're as much of an Americas Team anymore" shows EXACTLY why The Cowboys will always be America's Team!
Coming off a 6-10,... or a 1-15 season or a SUPER BOWL season, the Cowboys are Americas favorite team proven every year by the number of times they play on National TV,The merchendise sales,number of stories about them both on Sports television and newspapers AND........ the number of Cowboy fans in all the opponent stadiums the Cowboys play in! TV pans to the crowd and damn near half of them are wearing COWBOY'S caps and shirts!!!!
How's that for "not as much of an America's Team anymore??

The Cowboys are AMERICAS TEAM because. PERIOD!
I went to Cowboys games as a 6 yr.old with my Dad in 1960.
The first year they played,in my eyes, they were Americas Team.
Of course 31 teams don't like it because ......they are NOT!
Go Cowboys!!

I'm a cowboys fan and I love the name and I don't care who it p...es off. I especially love it when they call Staubach, Capt. America too cool! Can you imagine nicknaming the Eagles America's Team. In fact, I'm not even sure they're from this planet much less America. LOL

Dwight apparently is as ignorant as most of the other football fans around the country as to the origin of the "America's Team" title. The Cowboys NEVER called themselves that until NFL FILMS came up with that title for a season highlight film of the Cowboys! Of course, the team never shyed from it but the team didn't start calling themselves that until that highlight film was made.

Hey Dwight, as a business guy you should know this. The percentage of Cowboys fans is far higher than for any other team. Simple math dude.

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