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September 19, 2011

Jerry Jones says Cowboys needed a win for their 'fragile psyche'

Jerry Jones said he was afraid the early missed field goal was going to come back and cost the Cowboys.

It didn’t, but he was worried about missed opportunities on the Cowboys’ mindset.

“At that juncture, we’re too fragile, and we’re still fragile,” the Cowboys owner said. “I underline the word fragile. We’re still a fragile psyche with our team. Up and down all the way through me.”

Jones said the Cowboys needed a run into some good luck.

“We didn’t get it last week, but we got to taste it today,” Jones said. “That’ll give us something to stand on. I’m going to say it one more time: I’m glad my team got’s more heart and guts than I was feeling up there watching.”

As much as anything, Jones wanted to avoid another bad start. The Cowboys were 0-2 last year on the way to a 1-7 start.

“This is all with a backdrop with what happened to us last year and with the slow starts,” Jones said. “I heard the commentators talking that this team really needs a win bad. The Dallas Cowboys need a win, and we need it early. We didn’t need to get back in some of that we experienced last year. Because it’s almost like slipping on a rut. We’ve seen the rut.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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