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September 15, 2011

Jets coach Rex Ryan: "Tony Romo looked like Roger Staubach, then not so much" in season opening loss

Leave it to Jets coach Rex Ryan to say just the right thing when the Tony Romo drama was seemingly dying down.
During a Wednesday press conference the media, Ryan had this to say about the season opening victory against the Cowboys and Romo's play in the fourth quarter, which included a fumble and a game-deciding interception: 
  "We didn’t play our best, but how about giving credit to Dallas? That’s a good football team. They’re going to win a ton of games this year. The way their defense played, the way (Tony) Romo played up until the end there, Jerry Jones, I understand, said he played great, he looked like Roger Staubach back there, and then not so much late in the game. So, it was fine with me. We won."

Clarence E. Hill Jr.


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I totally agree with k.Duncan to much smiling for a losing QB, and 60 million money in the bank for Romo.

Jayson...your post was exactly what Rex Ryan meant..lol...Ryan had a 'coachspeak'. He said one thing, but he meant something else..

This Roster Does Not Know How to CLOSE OUT BIG GAMES

Defense loses 14 point lead


RB's are IMPOTENT in Short Yardage & Goal Line

Romo Got them ahead and the Jets Do Not Let You Beat them TWICE in the Same Game !!!

Tony Romo will probably be placed in the ring of honor by Jerry Jones and not win a ring. This type of entitlement will catch up with this dude and Jerry Jones this year. This is the same guy who KO Terrell Owens only to create this unchallenged atmosphere on the field. Does Tom Brady smile when he misses a pass? This clown smiles like he is having fun even while losing, and I would expect guys like Troy Aikman to call this guy out and still smile in Jerry Jones face!!!Then maybe things will change. hey if I can go to work and stink up the place and still obtain a 60 million dollar salary with a smile, then Dallas will never return to the superbowl with this quarterback or owner!!!!

Rex was being nice for a change. I was expecting something like, "yeah, we knew if we could keep the game close that Romo would screw up in the end to give us the game". Romo's lost, what - 7 of his last 8 starts going back to last year??? Yep - the future is bright.

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