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September 07, 2011

Jets' Ryan says he expects screens, short passing game from Cowboys

Jets coach Rex Ryan knows what to expect from the Cowboys’ offense on Sunday.

Actually, it’s what any coach might expect from an offense with a rookie left guard, a rookie right tackle and a first-time starter at center.

“It’s no great surprise we’re expecting more screens when you have three new starters on the offensive line,” Ryan said. “Shorter passing game, and all that. I don’t mind saying what we expect. I think it’s pretty obvious.”

Ryan, speaking in a conference call with Dallas reporters, was asked if he’d be nervous having two rookies in the offensive line.

“Well, against our defense, I’d be nervous,” he said. “There’s no question.”

Ryan said Garrett is on his way to being a great coach.

“Jason’s a heckuva guy, and obviously he’s going to be a great coach – and already is a great coach,” Ryan said. “It’ll be good going against him, be a lot of fun because I like competition, challenges, and he obviously presents both.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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Hey Mrs.Guillory, im so happy your in the film room with these guys knowing that Romo cant read defenses, yet he is the top 5 all time QB ratings....you bafoon

It'll be interesting to see if Rex Ryan tries to pull a fast one on the Cowboys expecting us to think they will be focused on testing our secondary on a regualr basis, but instead gives an unexpected heavy dose of running. I think that will be something to watch for early in the game. As the game moves along, however, I'm sure they'll start taking their shots, especially if they're winning.

The problem won't be Romo, Glenn. I think Romo's been around now long enough to not fall for the bait. He'll take what's given to him. No, I think if we lose (and I think we will) it will be mostly due to our secondary making Sanchez look like Joe Montana.

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Rex knows that's the strength of Tony Romo. He knows Romo can't read defenses that well down the field. He's trying to bait Romo and it will work. Romo will try to throw a few passes down the field and that will play right into hands of the Jets. A couple of int's from Romo...and WE LOSE!!

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