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September 30, 2011

Lions aren't going to target Romo's ribs, but they won't avoid them, either

The Detroit Lions aren’t going to pull a DeAngelo Hall. They’re not going to say they’re going after Tony Romo’s ribs.

But then, they’re not going to not go after his ribs. What else is there to hit, after all?

“Let's think about this,” Lions defensive end Willie Young told Detroit reporters. “There's only one place you can hit a quarterback without coming back to the locker room and having a FedEx package sitting in your locker just waiting on you to open it, telling you how much is about to come out of your check.

“You hit him below the waist – what is that? Let's say you hit him above the head. What will you be looking to see in your locker? That FedEx package. Now let's say you were to go just below the head to avoid that fine, and you stay just above the waist line, what does that leave you with?

“There's only one place that the league allows us to hit him.”

Defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh said he doesn’t mind if Romo is thinking about the pain that comes if he’s hit in the ribs.

“You want to obviously still have him uncomfortable and attack him any way we can to affect his game,” he said. “Whether I'm going to pinpoint his ribs? No. That's not my style. I'm going to attack him, hit him and disrupt any quarterback like I want to in any normal game.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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