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September 08, 2011

Per Jason Garrett, Tony Romo has grown but he hasn't lost what makes him uniquely Tony Romo and thus a special quarterback

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said Tony Romo has grown leaps and bounds as a quarterback every year.

And that was no different in the offseason, when a locked out Romo continued to tinker with his game and technique.

Garrett said he has certainly taken notice. But while has gotten better and is making smarter decisions, Romo still has some of that gambling moxie that makes him a special quarterback.

"I think he’s grown technically as a player," Garrett said. "Fundamentally he’s gotten better. Just look at his footwork and the quickness he has getting away from the center, the quickness he has on the back end. I think his accuracy has gotten better because his footwork has gotten better. I think all the while he’s done this without losing Tony Romo. We like Tony Romo and what he brings to the table. But he needed to be refined. He’s going about it the right way and we’re excited about his progress."

Garrett said Romo tinkers a lot with technique whether it's his footwork or release.

He said it’s admirable that he continues to work on his game. But Garrett said the area Romo has improved in the most is his understanding of the game.

 "It’s more about understanding," Garrett said. "Tony has always had great vision. He sees the field, he sees the offense, he sees the defense, he sees their relationship to each other really well. I think that’s probably because of his basketball background. And that’s a really good thing. The best quarterbacks I’ve been around, the best quarterbacks I’ve seen, have great vision. And I believe Tony has that. So I think his growth comes from his understanding, his understanding of your scheme, of their scheme, how our scheme fits on top of their scheme, and how he can be quicker or more decisive going to the right place with the football. So if you put that together with how he sees the field, those are all positive things for a quarterback to have.

"You want a guy who is invested in his technique. There’s no question about that. But we also want a guy who can play. And to the earlier point, you never want take Romo out of Romo. We think that’s a good thing. So, I think he’s always understood the balance between those things but also the time of year to mess around with some things. He understands once you get to the season you’re just playing football."

-- Clarence Hill Jr.



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I am sick of these people thinking romo is the reason we haven't won anything. Listen up idiots!!!! Romo the only chance we have of winning 10 games this year. If you want to blame some1 then blame jerry jones for picking worthless players on defense.

Glenn and Mr Rogers sounds like they really know alot about football...NOT
why dont both of you STFU

Mr Rogers77 and Glenn - you two are idiots. Go 'support' some other team.

This just proves what I've suspected: Garrett is a good disciplinarian and motivator but is an awful talent evaluator.
Now it turns out Romo is special and improving every game. Similarly, all mistaken Romo-backers are now quoting his 69.5% completion rate in 2010, saying the ONLY reason we lost last year was the D. Go back and watch the tape: The Cowboys had a chance to tie or win late in the 4th quarter vs the Bears, Titans and Vikings, and Romo failed every time. Interceptions, failed 3rd or 4th down conversions, he had multiples of them.

Then everyone that cries about alex barron's holding versus the redskins in game 1, again not Romo's fault. Well, Romo was lucky to get to that point, as in that same drive two of his softballs hit redskins in the numbers only to be dropped.

Romo lost all 4 close games tha he finished last year. That's not good enough for a "special" QB in his 9th year.

Clarence you guys and gals amaze me with your continued endorsement of Romo. What has Romo done with this team in the last three years? My point excatly..Garrett is just trying to be politically correct. Let this team get off to a 2-3 or 1-4. The masses will start to call out not only Romo, but Garrett as well. And if that happens and this team continues to flounder lets see if Garrett continues to sing the praises of Romo. My guess is Garrett will turn on Romo to save HIS job by doing the unthinkable...He will replace Romo as our starting quarterback..

proofread much?

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