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September 30, 2011

Rob Ryan says Cowboys have two receivers better than Lions star Calvin Johnson

Earlier in the week, Cowboys coach Jason Garrett paid Lions receiver Calvin Johnson the highest compliment by saying he was probably the best player in the NFL.
Defensive coordinator Rob Ryan agreed that Johnson is a great receiver and player the Cowboys must contain in Sunday's matchup against the Lions.
But he took a page out of former Vikings' receiver Chris Carter's book when he said Johnson was not as good as Cowboys receivers Miles Austin and Dez Bryant.
"You know, he’s a great receiver," Ryan said. "We work against better receivers with Miles Austin and Dez Bryant. They’re probably the premier receivers in football, but this guy’s right there. He’s excellent. We’re going to get after it. I know he’s on this touchdown thing."
Carter has received a lot of criticism for leaving Johnson off his list of top five receivers in the NFL.
But at least he didn't say, Johnson would be the third best guy in Dallas.
Clarence Hill


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You Dallas fans are retards....your receivers go to any other team and they all suck...trust me....Calvin is the best receiver in the game...he's 6'5 240 with a 50" vertical and runs a 4.3. Yall are just dumb hillbillies and it show thru ur comments....ah hahahahahahahahaha. MEGATRON for president...have fun losing with miles Austin and dez Bryant.

Is everyone here insane!!!! Can he really sit on here and type nonsense like this!!!! You all know that Dez and Miles are not even on same playing field as Calvin. Look at those stats, he does that every week WITH DOUBLE, TRIPLE COVERAGE!!! Be honest with yourselfs, stop being a fan and just give the man his props. I did :)

Well CJ may not be better, than Miles or DEZ, but he was today, anyway, Bryant is a PANT WAIST and can't play a full game. What happened to the defense? This club is in serious trouble, their is going to be a serious confidence factor to contend with if Romo continues slinging hash like he did, this is the worse I have ever seen him execute..horrible. I hope something happens for the good at some time soon, before he starts to believe the negative ink that will be written about him.

Miles Austin and Dez Bryant may be better but what good is that if they are always hurt..
You got to play the game.

Ryan is doing what any other good coach does; instilling confidence in his personnel. You can't win if you don't believe in your own capabilities.

Honestly who is this guy?? is he serious or tryna be a comedian Calvin Johnson is a top 3 reciever in the NFL while the cowboys recievers barely make the top 10

Rob Ryan's right.

As long as Rob Ryan knows he's the third best coach in Dallas.

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