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September 11, 2011

Romo takes blame for the loss, says he cost the team the game

Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo fell on the sword and took the blame for the team's 27-24 loss to the Jets in the season opener.

He said his two fourth quarter turnovers were the difference in the game _ a fumble at Jets three-yard line that prevented a Cowboys score and an interception with 49 seconds left that led to the game-winning field goal.

“This game came down to one or two plays, the plays that I gave them the ball,” Romo said. "I cost us the game. I’ve got to do a better job right now.”  

It was Romo's first game since missing the final 10 games of 2010 with a fractured collarbone. He completed 23 of 36 passes for 342 yards with two touchdowns and the interception. He was sacked four times.

Clarence Hill


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Tony did cost them the game. He has lost important games for the cowboy's and he is still the starter. Bench Romo and get a quarterback that can win games under pressure. Tony has already proven he can't,

Pick and Jack Wolkitt are the only posters with any sense...the rest of you are whinebabies. Romo is one of the best QB's in the league and he isn't the only reason the Cowboys lost to the Jets. Grow up already. Romo is the right QB for this team. You jokers seem to forget all the losers we had before he came to Dallas.

Man this is screwing-up 101 all over again....what's Mr. Jones gonna have to do to keep "Tony-Turnover No-sho Romeo" focused....Mr. Jones, maybe you should contemplate removing the beautiful cheerleaders from the sidelines so we can have eyes focused toward the goal-line !!! Dagnam, dag-doon-it, we losing it when we should have some professional clock managment & QB leadership on the gridiron.

why does romo always have a smile on his face after f*cking up a play, he needs to get serios get mad and earn his pay , or bench his ass put kittna in

I have been a cowboy fan since 1966. Romo is not the right QB he is killing us year after year the same thing. told my son romo is going to throw a pick he has miles austin is a beast your wasting him too cut your losses now we can't afford 5 more years of Romo

I agree. Fan, Cowboy Lover, Fanatic, Raised 4 girls to love the Cowboys, Cuss them, Love "em, never ever give up on them. But Romo is nothing but a STAT QB. Him and Danny White. Win all the STATS, lose the games. He don't CARE. He just loves playing. Winning has never been the absolute goal for him, just COMPETE, put himself in a COMPETITIVE situation. We will never get to a super bowl with him. JERRY,,,,WAKE UP.

There is MORE than enough blame to go around! YES, Tony's mistakes WERE a big FACTOR in the loss, but they WERE NOT the ONLY factor. First, the Oline with only ONE veteran is STILL a mess, which is WHY the punt was blocked (or did some of you miss or FORGET that)? NEXT, garrett's FAILURE to get Ryan the addition players HE needs to get the Defense turned around has ALREADY started to bite the team, and the season has just STARTED. Lastly, having Bryant return punts is just class one STUPID!

Man of course it was your fault!Cowboy fan since early 80s.I bigging to think Romo not the right guy for Dallas.

No Romo needs to go. He gives a dam about the Cowboys,because win or lose he still gets paid. Get rid of him and believe me our Cowboys will do much better.

There is no freakin way a pass play should have been called in that situation-Jones gained 2 on 1st down-run 2 more times, if no TD then kick a chip shot field goal and the games over-this ain't on Romo-this is terrible offensive play calling and that's 100% on Garrett.

Romo has to go, but JJ is the biggest problem. I been a fan since 1960.When JJ got rid of Jimmy Johnson that was the beginning of the end. Until Mr. Jones hires a General Mgr and a top level coach the fans will have to suffer.


What a bunch of F'n crybabies. Lets go get Ryan Leaf or Quincy Carter, remember when we couldn't throw the ball at all? If you don't win every play in Dallas the crybabies start wanting to cut all of the starters. Compared to you losers Jerry Jones is a genius.

its time for Tony to start coming off the bench,you just can't throw a pass to a receiver thats limpin down the field and is double covered. sit Tony down and we get where were going!

I have been a Cowboy fan from the time they were called the Dallas Texans. I have seen different players come and go through the years. I am afraid that Tony Romo does not fit into the Cowboy SB scheme. Jerry should realize that he has a SB team now except for one piece..QB position. I as for the game aginst the Jets, I expect more of them this year. Maybe then will a scout be sent out to look for a good QB.

He falls on the ground when he "thinks" he is going to get hit. Soft. Every play is snapped at the absolute last second, or he gets a delay of game, why? Absolute choker, you can see the fear in his eyes, in pressure situations he can't pull make plays. These aren't things you can fix after 6 years. Witten is soft too, what the heck is he doing? He should have had no problem scoring if he wanted it. I guess it wouldn't be nice to stick your hand that DB's face and not let him make a play. Another long season ahead.

get rid of romo and put kitna in he is a better qb

Well here we go again Tony romo puppy dog look talking about how he lost another games. Same old tune just a different opponent. Jerry please go out and find a QB for us he cant win the big game a proven choke artist and smiles when the game is over. I feel sorry for the people that are Dallas fans and up in years they won't see the boys in the big dance again Tony can not take us there it's a fact.Rob Ryan great job with the db's falling like flies you got my vote for cowboys head coaching job witch will be open cause Garrett refuses to bench romo stick around love the intensity .

Here's Tony again, doing the same mistakes and giving the same excuses, this man will never grow up. I think Mr. Jones is thinking the same.

Yes Romo made some mistakes but he also is the reason we got the big lead. Mark for the Jets made the same amount of mistakes but I don't anyone call him a bum. Is everybody forgetting about the block field goal. I guess that was he fault too. In fact I blame the coach for what happen more than I blame Romo. On the fumble why are we passing the dam ball with 7 point lead and not a lot of time on the clock. We should have ran the dam ball and kill some clock than kick the field goal. We would have a 10 point lead with a little time left. And on the pick why are we going after Revis the beat corner in the league when Dez is not 100^/

Chokes every-time

I agree with most everyone above..I defended Romo way to long and Kitna shined the light on the error of my ways..Kitna is a way better QB than Tony. He thinks and does not give the game away. he also plays within his abilities and one of those is he CAN command the leadership of the team..Although you all should look at Eskridges stats he is Awesome and I watched him play live..Put him in he is the Best rookie QB in America..His numbers show it and HE can get it done. Presence in the pocket, great Scrambler and way better at decisions and the when on the field he owns the team and they play for him..His stats blow away Colt McCoy and they started him and Eskridge killed McCoy in HS football here in Texas..Throw him in he cannot do WORSE than Tony and let Garret and KITNA tutor the next great QB Romo will never be what you want Jerry only a FAN chasing away has been that throws away games and chokes under any type of Pressure.

Tony needs to quit being nice and get real. A company is only as good as the commander. Look at Rex Grossman. He's been a dog for years but he played like a man against NYG. As a Cowboys fan for 35 years,I believe in him.The problem is does he believe in himself......

I HAVE BEEN A COWBOY FAN SINCE 1960 THE YEAR THEY STARTED TO PLAY IN THE N.F.L.I HAVE COME TO BELIEVE DUMB ASS (romo) will never take us to a super bowl.i do belive that it is ok to make a mistake once in a while.but it is down right stupid to keep on making the same one over and over i am 73 years of age now and maybe jerry should try to sign me as i can still walk and chew gum at the same time.
wished it was better but afraid romo will never cut the mustard.wait till all the fans stop coming out to see games then what are you going to pay for that big stadium with

I'm tired of Romo taking the blame every week with a smile on his face. To me he can't win a big game and doesn't care if he does. I used to get so upset when we would lose a close game. Now I kind of expect it. We need a winner at QB. This the Dallas Cowboys!!!!!!

Hate to say it, but it's time to start scouting QBs for next April's draft. It looks like Romo has reached his plateau and is likely, at this point in his career, to go no higher.

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