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October 18, 2011

Cowboys release WR Dwayne Harris, sign veteran guard Daniel Loper

The Cowboys let the trade deadline come and go without making any deals on Tuesday but it didn’t stop them making a few roster moves.

After putting guard Bill Nagy on the injured reserve and signing guard Montrae Holland earlier in the day, the Cowboys ended the say by releasing rookie receiver Dwayne Harris and signing veteran guard Daniel Loper.

Loper has played with the Titans, Lions and Raiders during a six-year career. With only eight career starts, he was signed for depth purposes likely until Derrick Dockery returns from injury.

Harris, the team’s sixth round pick, served as the primary punt returner. But he didn’t have a role in the regular offense. The Cowboys are hoping Harris clears waivers so he can be re-signed to the practice squad.

The move also means a return to returning punts for receiver Dez Bryant who could likely share the duties with receiver Kevin Ogletree and cornerback Terence Newman. 

Bryant was injured returning punts in the season opener against the Jets.

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I was under the impression that Jones did not want Bryant returning punts for fear he may get hurt. Has there been a change of thought? It was thought/believed that he would be of greater value as a receiver, but apparently, that has not worked out. I hope it won't be another error in player selection.

I've been a born and raised Cowboy fan for close to 60 years. I agree with Jim, start McGee. Romo has proven time and again that he doesn't have what it takes (between the ears)to lead the Boyz to the Super Bowl. He has some of the most talented receivers in the game and yet he's most adept at throwing interceptions at the most inopportune time. And Merritt, I agree with you 100% putting Dez back onto the punt return team is ludacris! He's NOT that great a punt returner to take a chance losing him. He is or I should say potentially has what it takes to become a world class receiver, someone way to valuable to lose while serving on the special teams. Finally, all you homers, for christs sakes, will you quit with the "we, we, we" crapola?!! Unless you're an owner, player, or employer grow up and man up, it's not WE it's they!

We had a chance to get Colt McCoy in the third round, and 53rd pick a couple of years ago! And please, don't go getting your star reciever hurt, returning punts. Come on now, your genious is showing!!!

Get Harris back and send Ogletree to the practice squad until he learns his pass routes. Then, let Ogletree compete for his old job back.

Garrett was a mistake four years ago. What Jerry NEEDS is someone OTHER than a BACKUP QB to run his offense; as Ryan is doing a FINE job with the defense. What I'm seeing is yet one MORE draft pick Garrett wasted.I agree with the guy who said they should have traded (or CUT if nobody wanted him, and I REALLY can't see why they would) BENNETT.

well i remember hearing that jason garrett would have complete control over the football team , does this look like it him doing all the crap he is doing now let harris go to come back and hurt us with another teanthe man has a ego bigger then cowboy stadium but does not know a thing about football .he should have traded choice and bennett both no matter who the runner is they cant run any way with that off-line hell emmitt could not run behind them when jerry stops meddling with the head coach maybe something will get done very reason jimmy left.of course he has the money and owns the team so he will always put his 2 cents worth in right or wrong
he can't be like other general managers and let the people who know football run things and this is my 2 cents worth

Cowher is the answer...

Whoever thinks that Cowher should not be the coach is nuts. He would add instant credibility to this team.

Romo as the best chance to take Cowboys to Super Bowl since Aikman?
Quincy Carter, Ryan Leaf, and Drew Bledsoe are the others.... I would hope so! Any HS quarterback would fare better than those 3. This team is not going to win any championships with Jerry as GM and Romo as QB. The greatness of Jimmy still lingers and Jones can't run a successful franchise without him. 15 years with 2 playoff wins? Embarrassing.

Looses are frustrating...Lord knows Cowboy fans can attest to that! What our fans don't understand is how close this Cowboys team really is. The defense is really starting to look like a super bowl defense. I predict that by the end of this season Cowboys will have the #1 defense in the league overall. Now let's not forget this is the same group of guys that put up the worst season in Cowboy history! Give Ryan another offseason to pick up some added talent in our backfield and some additional depth up front and watch out, Cowboys defense rocks the league! The issue is getting this offense in sync to consistently produce points. I know easier said then done, but hey it really is as simple as that. I think that front five OL personell will be much improved and in better physical shape in 2012. As for Romo and all the "issues" people continue to harp on, keep in mind, his a gun slinger QB much like Farve was. He's going to have up's and downs from week to week just like Farve did. Also keep in mind Farve won one superbowl in his whole career, one! Can Romo do it, sure, will he do it every year, no! Cowboy fans need to settle down and simply enjoy the good times and look past the mistakes. Romo's here, he's not going anywhere anytime soon, so as Jerry has said, just go as Romo goes and relax!

With Dez moving to return kicks means that he will be lost for the season, again. But it does not matter because the cows will never be close to another SB, unless Jaharry buys tickets so the team can attend the game.

Sorry Jim- you've lost your mind. Here's why:

1. Cowher is a defensive minded coach. Our defense is fine.

2. Cowher has no desire left to coach again.

3. You're obviously experiencing about a decade of memory loss; Somewhere between Aikman and Dew Bledsoe.

4. McGee is not the answer.

5. Your disbelief in Romo is sickening. Romo has a better chance to take the Cowboys to the Super Bowl than any other QB that's played for the Cowboys since Aikman.

To Jerry Jones
3 words, get BILL COWHER!!!!!!
Start McGee Romo will never take the team unless he rents a bus and drives them there.......

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