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October 28, 2011

Buehler says he's ready to go and will kickoff on Sunday

Kicker David Buehler will handled kickoffs against the Eagles for the first time since suffering a groin injury in week two against the 49ers.
Buhler has missed past four games.
"I'm happy and excited to go," Buehler said. "It's tough watching from the sidelines. I am finally healthy and able to get back on the field."
Buehler will take back the kickoff duty from kicker Dan Bailey, who has handled field goals and kickoffs in his absence. 
He doesn't deny worrying about his spot on the roster and role Bailey doing so well on both.
But the Cowboys' consider Buehler a weapon on kickoffs and believe they will need his stronger leg on the road and cooler temperatures like Sunday against the Eagles.
"I worried a little bit," Buehler said. "But somebody reassured me that (Jerry Jones) said I was safe. but you want to get back on the field as soon as possible. You are no good unless you are on the field. I'm not helping the team on the sideline being a cheerleader. I want to get out there and produce."

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Buehler says he is ready to go. Must mean his bags are packed and he is just waiting on JJ to pull the trigger and throw his non-kicking behind out the revolving door. So long, goodbye, thanks for all the great..oops my bad..mediocre memories.

I like Buehler, but let's face it -- if the Boys get in a pinch and need a roster spot, he is top of the list to go.

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