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October 05, 2011

Costa learns from his long week

Centers are noticed, except when they do something bad. Every Cowboys fan knew center Phil Costa's name after he had four bad snaps against the Redskins.

"It wasn’t easy," Costa said of last week.

But he regained his anonymity against the Lions with a good game.

"Yeah, I was a lot better," said the second-year veteran, who has made five career starts. "...It obviously would have been real nice to win this game, but to just come back and play all right, it feels pretty good."

-- Charean Williams


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The loss to the Lions and how the Cowboys lost, took away from the great play of the Cowboys' offensive line play!!! The Cowboys OL, a very "young and inexperienced" line, controlled what was suppose to be a dominant Lions DL, with that great dirty player Suh! The Lions also overall did not do too much against the Cowboys and what the Cowboys should take from the Lions and Jets games are that they can beat these teams! I have looked at all these games twice and have looked at each opposing teams games as well and the conclusion that I come up to is that all the teams that the Cowboys have played so far, the Cowboys could beat them if they played them again!

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