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October 31, 2011

DeMarcus Ware has a career night

It is a game DeMarcus Ware will want to forget, but it's going to be hard unless he has a five-sack night on a win.

In a game where his defense was shredded both on the ground and in the air, the Cowboys outside linebacker set a personal record with four sacks. Ware was credited with a sack on the first play of the game, which originally went to safety Gerald Sensabaugh but was altered a few plays later.

One of Ware's sacks of Eagles quarterback Michael Vick caused a fumble, which the Eagles recovered.

Ware now has 12 sacks on the season and at his current pace could break his career-high mark of 20 that he set back in 2008.

Ware's previous career high for sacks in a game is three done seven previous times. He now has six consecutive seasons with 10 or more sacks.

- Mac Engel


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Thanks for sharing!

I get your point, but, your missing mine--and that is--DWare was one of the few 'Boyz on D that was doing anything. He had 10 tackles, 4 sacks, and 1 forced fumble. No one else on either D came close to those numbers. He was a force. A one man show. And that's my point--no one player can win a game all by himself no matter how great a player they are IN TODAY'S NFL. Oh wait! DWare could have won the game for us all by himself if he somehow could have returned enough interceptions and/or fumble recoveries for 4 touchdowns! That's what you are basically sayin'--since DWare didn't have a hand in 4 defensive TDs and win us this game, he's somehow a failure in this most recent game. I say he's not; and that the 'Boyz team around him failed him (especially the 'Boyz O). He didn't fail them.

This is no different then pointing out that Demarcos Murray had 76 yards rushing on only 8 carries (over 9 yards per carry). That is an awesome yards per carry average but does it matter when the offense only scored 7 Points and stinks.

Same think for Ware, yea he had 4 sacks, but overall the defensive unit gave up 34 points. It's not worth pointing out.

DWare was NOT getting "ripped inside"! DWare was doing what he was supposed to be doing--and that is line up wide right or wide left and rush the QB from the OUTSIDE lanes. Get it?!! Outside lanes! He's a speed rusher who rushes outside in. The inside responsibility falls to our interior Dlinemen and our inside LBs. DWare was so active yesterday that he was tackling beagle players all over the field and even covering some receivers (RBs and TEs). To put it another way, we played so badly yesterday that if DWare had not played the score would have been 62-7!

So I disagree with your assessment on DWare. He may have started the game off slowly, but, he kept getting more and more pressure on Vick throughout the game by chasing, hounding, and hurrying (and sacking) Vick all over the place, and, chasing some of Vick's receivers (tackling them and knocking down rocks intended for them too!). Anyway, one great player playing great cannot win an NFL game all by himself. And make no mistake, DWare was playing great all by himself on D yesterday. On O, Robinson and Murray were playing great all by themselves as well.

Want some examples of great players who played great on lousy losing teams throughout NFL history? Dick Butkus was the most incredible defensive player I ever saw on some really bad Chicago Bears teams in the 1960's and 1970's. If the Rams Steven Jackson had played on a good team with a good OL like the Steelers or the Giants or the Patriots, he would have 15,000 yard by now and multiple SB rings. Jason Taylor has toiled away at a HOF level for an enternity on some really bad Dolphin teams. You get the drift.

DWare is the best there is in the NFL right now and could hit 30+ sacks at his current pace this year on an average or bad NFL team. Such a feat would be unbelievable and rank him as one of the greatest to ever play football. So watch your mouth next time concerning DWare.

Sad to say Cowboy was out of position all night on defense. I beleive that has something to do with the scheme and gameplan for the night(Rob Ryan).

What a joke! All night Ware was getting ripped inside on the rushing game. Those Sacks were meaningless and had zero impact on the game. I recall one sack forced philly to punt late in the game after they had already scored 34 points. I think it was 24 zip before Ware got his first Sack. Who cares?

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