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October 23, 2011

Easy win, easy on Romo's ribs, too

Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo said the blowout victory and the run game dominance made for an easy day for his broken rib.

Romo passed just 24 times, a season low in attempts as he watched rookie DeMarco Murray rush for 253 yards on 25 carries.

"There was less pressure on the quarterback today than there was in other games, and that’s in direct relation to the running game," Romo said. "As a D-lineman, on the edge especially, if they don’t have to see what happens, they can just rush and get to the quarterback. They can make their decisions a lot quicker. When you’re able to run the ball, it makes the decisions a lot [more difficult]."

Regarding his ribs, Romo said they are doing much better. He again wore a protective vest and also took a pain-killing injection for what he hopes will be the last time.

"You know you can take a hit when your ribs are broken and deal with it, but I think by next week they’ll be good to go without the shot," Romo said.

-- Clarence E. Hill Jr.


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If Romo gets a consistent running game we will see his consistency climb.

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