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October 18, 2011

Felix Jones injury has taken Tashard Choice off the trading block


Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said he has been contacted by at least two teams about possibility trading for running back Tashard Choice. But the injury to Felix Jones, who will be out two to four weeks with a high ankle sprain, have forced the Cowboys to take him off the market, Jones said on his radio show on 105.3 The Fan.

"Any time anybody calls you, you give it some thought," Jones said. "But with the injury to Felix and where he is with his sprained ankle, I’m doubtful that anything will happen there. And, no, I don’t see any other trade possibilities." 

Rookie DeMarco Murray will likely get the bulk of the carries in place of Jones but the Cowboys no longer have the luxury of parting ways with Choice. The need him to share the load with Murray. They also need him as a veteran option to along with Murray and fellow rookie Phillip Tanner, who made the team as an undrafted free agent.

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You so called know it all fans really crack me up! It's not the backs that getthe yards, it's the OL. 3 rookies a second year guy and a guy at the end of his leaves much to be desired. It's going to be a season or two before this front group jells an is effective with a running game. The backs have to have holes to run to and threw before they can have any type of power run game. Until our guards can get into the second level effectively blocking, we will stuggle, period! There's only been one back in history that could gain consistent yards without a good running OL and that was Berry Sanders. Sorry Cowboy fans, he's a once in a lifetime type of RB, so settle down, it's going to take some time to develope a good front five in the running game.

For ANYONE to think that Tashard Choice was indeed on the trading block is just plain STUPID!! Trade Choice and just go with Felix and Murray would be just asinine in my eyes with the history of Felix's injury problems. Just because Tashard tends to speak his mind some were of the belief he's not a team player. That's the furthest from the truth. This kid knows what he can do on the field if given the opportunity and he knows what's wrong with this team. Some in the organization and in the D/FW area media are afraid that Tashard will one day say exactly what he thinks is wrong with this team. And that's why some in the media up there put it out during training camp that Tashard would possibly get traded at some point and time. This kid deserves to be the starting running back of this team because of Felix's propensity to always get hurt. Jerry was just blowing smoke. No way would he trade Choice this season.

It does not make any difference what the cows do, they will remain a 8/8, or that area team as long as they have the WORST owner/GM in pro FB.

Jones stays hurt all the time. He will never be a top running back the Cowboys can depend on.

TRADE HIM - Running Backs are a dime a dozen - anything you can get for him is worth it. You're not gonna keep next year

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