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October 31, 2011

Garrett says it was poor execution not a lack of effort

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett a lack of execution not a lack of effort was the biggest problem in Sunday’s 34-7 loss to the Eagles.

The Cowboys trailed 34-0 at halftime and 34-0 in the fourth quarter before they scored their only touchdown.

The Eagles had 495 yards to 267 for the Cowboys, 21 first downs to 12 and held the ball for 42 minutes, nine seconds while the Cowboys had it for 17:51.

“I don’t think there was any question about our effort tonight about our intensity, I think our guys played hard,” Garrett said. “We just didn’t play well. They executed better than we did in all three phases. That’s a good football team. When you don’t play well against a good football team, things like this happen.”

Clarence E. Hill Jr.



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Plainly put, this is a team with a number of holes on the field and sideline. Garrett could possibly be a good head coach, but he has never been a good offensive coordinator. He does not consistently demonstrate the ability to manipulate defenses in attempts to get his best players the ball. Plus, he has shown that he does not make in-game adjustments.

As for the defense, Rob Ryan does not have the necessary resources to produce a top 5 defense. The secondary has been in need of an upgrade for the past 7 years. In short, Jerry needs to hire another director of player personnel.

Ugh..Garrett..it was poor execution AND a lack of effort. I expected Garrett to use the coaschspeak line that has been used for years after a performance like that last night..'I didn't do a very good job of getting this team ready to play tonight.' Not using that line again shows me that Jason Garrett is in way over his head as an NFL head coach. Rob Ryan did everything he could by putting the onus on him with his disparaging remarks about the 'all-hype' team in Philly before the game and this team still didn't show up to play. That's on Garrett. He's the head coach. Nothing has changed with this team in the coaching department and the players. We still have a bunch of overpaid guys on this team who just will not show up to play every week. Time for Jerry to blow up this team after the season.A few more losses and he might as well get rid of Garrett and that entire coacvhing staff. Simply a pathetic performance from everyone last night..save for D. Ware and D. Murray..Those two showed up to play.

Yes Philly is a good team Ill give you that but not that good! The Cowboys played horrid on defense. Im serious. Did the Eagles ever punt?

once again Garrett offers up the simplest explanation as to what happened last night. I am beginning to believe Garrett is a fim believer in the old adage " better to keep your mouth shut and let them think you have no idea what you are doing than to speak and erase all doubt"

That's "a good football team"?!! They were 2-4 coming into this game against the 'Boyz. 4 other teams beat them. They have journeymen OLinemen that opened up such huge running lanes for Vick and McCoy that I could have played golf through them! What happened to our defensive gap control?! We didn't tackle at all in this game. We didn't cover Eagle receivers--it didn't matter who--Maclin, Jackson,Celek, Avant.... We couldn't even reign in Vick's running or running and gunning EVEN WITH DWare's 4 sacks on him!! Incredible! I would not be surprised if DWare gets sick and tired of all the losing and non-support he gets from his teammates on the 'Boyz and demands a trade at the end of this season.

On the 'Boyz O we didn't run Murray enough. Murray averaged 9.3 yards/carry for God's sake!! Why would Romo get off of that horse?!!!Running also would have kept the ball out of Vick's hands, which should be your strategy if you see your D struggling to cover and tackle (except for DWare). Romo is developing quite a rapport with Robinson though, and it's good to see. Robinson is the real deal. He brings it almost every game, more than I can say for Austin and Bryant. Too bad that football goof JJ won't keep him after this year--his price is bound to get too high for JJ's football mismanaging brain after Robinson hits 1,000 yards at the end of this year, albeit on a losing team.

While I am not going to give up on the 'Boyz even after this stinker against the dirty rotten beagles, I do not believe the 'Boyz have enough talented, race-ready horses to pull this wagon to victory in the wagon race known as the NFL season. And that includes the lame nags in management. The dirty rotten beagles made us look like crazy hound dogs chasing their tails all night long. I wonder why. Is the dirty beagles team speed that much faster than our 'Boyz team speed? It seemed like it tonight. But, really, is it? If it's not the football talent, or, if it's not the coaching then it absolutely has to be the upper management/GM.

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