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October 31, 2011

Jenkins says he might be out three weeks; Lee hopeful but unsure

Cornerback Mike Jenkins said he will probably be out at least three games with a hamstring injury that sidelined him against the Eagles. It's the continuation of an injury-plagued year for Jenkins, who suffered a stinger and hyperextended knee before the season before injuring a shoulder in the season opener against the Jets. He had not been forced to miss any games until now. 

Nickel cornerback Orlando Scandrick will start in his place opposite Terence Newman. Scandrick started for Newman in the season opener.
Lee dislocated his left wrist against the Eagles but will try to play with it after consulting with Dr. Bo Frederick, a hand and wrist specialist, in Dallas on Monday. A final determination on his status for Sunday's game against the Seahawks has yet to be determined. But if he plays, he will play with cast on his wrist.
"Yeah," responded Lee when asked if he will try to play with the cast. "We’ll see. I don’t know for sure what the plan is this week, but I’m definitely going to try to see and work with the doctors and just see how it heals and go from there."

Lee said the there certain issues they trying to figure out with the injury and will see how it heals over the next week or so. There is a chance it could require surgery, which would end his season.
"Right now that’s a good deal," Lee said of not having surgery. "Hopefully it will stay that way."
Lee is an important part of the Cowboys defense, and he would be missed if he was sidelined for any significant amount of team. He leads the team in tackles, interceptions, fumble recoveries and pass deflections.
-- Clarence E. Hill Jr.


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I like your blog!

It has nothing to do with Rob Ryans comment, we're in the same division with Philadelphia , Washington & new York , and there coaches don't have to tell them the significance of your hated rivals, we can't even hold serve on our home field, the true players built that stadium with hard nose coaches & good management personnell during Jimmy Johnson & bill parceled era, from the GM on down nobody I'd being held accountable, clean uniform, used to mean your locker was empty Tuesday , noe it's Romo saying who he believes in when he'd the liability .

Dang Jenkins has been good when healthy, he's just never healthy.
Come on Mike, one fan is pulling for you.

Well if jarret don't start taking chances throwing the ball down field say bye,bye to the playoffs , and defensive coach Ryan should stop drinking before games,he's making other coaches ,mad with we are going to.Whipped ur Ass comments,he needs to shut his mouth,those type of comments make coaches work extra hard to beat you,and that's what Andy reed,and the eagles did whipped our Ass with a Shalacking,Coach Ryan Shut your Mouth and Coach Defense Defense,Defense,which we had none last week,a pee "wee team could have beaten us! It's a shamed Dallas has all that talent an have very poor Coaching Wake up Jason jarrett ,the playoffs is just around the corner!

Maybe you should proof read before you post your article...

Lee's done so get over it.

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