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October 18, 2011

Jones said Bryant needs to work on route running to avoid second half shutouts

Receiver Dez Bryant has not caught a pass in the second half in three games this season. The issue was most acute in Sunday’s loss to the Patriots when the Cowboys didn’t even target Bryant in two trips inside the red zone when they had to settle for field goals.

Bryant was very emotional on the sideline about his lack of opportunities.

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett was diplomatic about Bryant’s inability to get the ball, pointing out how they like to spread the ball around to a number of weapons.

But owner Jerry Jones was more pointed on his radio show on Tuesday morning on 105.3 the Fan. He said Bryant’s needs to work harder and run better routes, while hinting that his route running led to some of quarterback Tony Romo’s interceptions.

At least three of Romo’s interceptions this season have come on passes attempted to Bryant, including one on Sunday against the Patriots.

"Dez needs to concentrate,” Jones said. “ I'm not being critical of him, but he needs to continue to concentrate on his route running because there's a reason for harping on running correct routes even though you're a great receiver and that is it gets you open and it causes other people to get open as well if each receiver will run his route."

"We'll see more of him," Jones continued. "We would like to have him but of course you have to watch just trying to get the ball to him completely because that's where we got one of those interceptions here two weeks ago."

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Man,Jerry,Listin If U Read Well,Itz On Your Qb If The Wr Is Not In The Right Spot. How Could U Talk Bad About Dez & He Is The Only Leader On The O???

Jerry left Jimmy Johnson alone for FIVE years we got TWO Superbowls. Then JERRY got involved with Jimmy and we lost him, and our Superbowls, Has Jerry not learned his lesson yet? It was T.O. fault they let him go, now its Dez' fault, when is it going to be ROMO's Fault.

romo stinks i love the boys but phoeny romo is no aikman or staubach true fans are getting tired need back cowboy pride

Dez not getting ball in second half because he's running the in correct routes, doesn't make sense to me...he runs them correctly in the first half and then forgets how to run them after halftime hmm let me see, what could cause that? look that's some BS, he's just not being targeted, the RHG has list of plays that he wants to run, trying to show how great of play caller he is...Dez is a beast and if he doesn't know the playbook then trade his snazz, or draw the shtt up in the dirt, you have to get the ball to your best players...every championship caliber team does that, it's a no brainier, end of story.

I've been a loyal fan since 1964, and I've been disappointed with the coaches since Barry Switzer. The main problem has been play calling in the red zone. You've got a physical player (Dez) who should be an asset in that situation, but you fail to go to him. You don't use him in the saecond half of games. Maybe he would show enthusiasm in his routes if Romo would throw his way when he is 5 yds behind his defender. Also give some more reps to Choice. He hasn't had much of a chance this year.

Jerry Jones is far from being a racist. He is a good man who expects results, just like any boss paying his workers. Jerry should have known better when he drafted Bryant for he doesn't have much of a brain. Sorry, but Bryant is a very slow "thinker" with very low potential for reasoning.

the problem is not dez it is romo throwing it too short or too long and that turns it into a interception and i'm i don't hate romo i just think he needs to ajust his aim.

Jerry Jones needs to leave the criticsm of his players to the media. there is damn good talent in this cowboys team. but there is no leader ship. our quaterback needs replacing perhaps Romo will perform better for another team. yes i do believe jerry needs to stay in his suite and let Garret handle his buisness. if there is no success then well it's time reconstruct the coaching staff and replace the quater back. don't wait another five loosing seasons before reconstructing your coaching staff. perhaps a college coach would more likely help the team. Like former texas tech coach mike leach or Mack Brown of the Texas longhorns. GOOD LUCK COWBOYS ALWAYS MY TEAM

Jerry it's all Dez Bryants fault that Romo is throwing all of these INT's huh ok and a few years ago it was T.O's fault as well right until Romo convinced you to get rid of him ok Jerry keep having those ignorant emotional statements and feelings because you don't want to come to terms that you gave this bum Romo his millions way too fast without proving himself and now you have to keep blaming others to save your reputation.Well your pinched Jerry because everyone knows Romo stinks not just us cowboys fans but others know he stinks as well and that is why we no longer have the pride like we once did because you keep protecting this bum but i will continue to ride with the team i can't give up on you because i been here before you even thought about buying the team i been here with the boys since 1975 and now i don't even wear my cowboys gear because im not feeling good about my team right now so thanks Jerry for leeting this bum tear down our Americas Team status!!! A fan for life!

I've got to agree with oneputter on this, YES, Dez IS guilty of not running the correct routes, and so are ALL of the OTHER receivers to include Austin and Ogletree; BOTH of whom have been there for several years now. So, WHERE is the improvement that the NEW WR coach was SUPPOSED to bring to the team?

Dez isn't the issue. If I am playing quarterback and the throws he's made aren't timing throws- then I don't throw the ball- simple as that! It's poor judgement plain and simple! jerry still wants to show everyone it wasn't Jimmy that was the cause of their success. I think he's proven 15 years later it most definetly was! switzer won of Jimmy's left over talent- every Cowboy fan realizes that. Garrett should just coach and get an offensive coordinator and jerry needs a General Manager. Until that happens we won't get a sniff of the Super Bowl.

Easy Cowboy solution.

Less of Jerry Jones

Your a pinhead, calling someone a RACIST, is that the standard answer for any problem, calling someone a RACIST, that is absolutely the most boneheaded response I have ever read your not a fan at all, you are in my opinion an instigator. You need to qualify your statement, PROVE to everyone Jerry Jones is a RACIST, outline HOW he is a RACIST, we would like to know HOW you know this. YOU tag someone as a RACIST with no PROOF at all. Where's the BEEF, want to see it, if you can't prove it then in my opinion you are just making LIABLE & SLANDERIST statements.

The ball is in your COURT.

I have been a Cowboy Fan since 1975! I have supported my team through the good times and the bad times. But i must say that these are "THE WOREST TIMES" and it's sad because there is a lot of finger pointing and no body is getting to the real problem. The real problem since we lost Aikman and jimmy we have not replace them. The thing i love most about being a fan is bragging rights. There is not many people that can out talk me when it come to football. I must say i get stomped when they bring up ROMO. He gives me a fan Cowboy fan of 30 years nothing to brag about!

I think it's total BS for Jerry Jones to try and call out Dez for what he says, not running the right routes and yet says nothing about sorry a$$ Romo and his int's and choking all the time. Goes to show that he will continue to ruin this team to stand behind his overpaid sorry qb and I have been a Cowboys' fan since 1979 but this is some total BS.

Jones has always overpaid for a single good game or season. Maybe it's the nature of the game now, but it sure screws a team. You can't cut a guy for under-performing because it would cost too much. You can't bench a guy you are paying millions to.

All contracts should be heavily incentive laden. Use the bonus money for an injury insurance policy. Then, you play well NOW - you get paid well NOW. Everyone wins. Players don't gripe about playing for minimum when their CURRENT performance calls for more $$. And if your performance drops then the team can recover quickly, instead of being stuck with Roy Williams and Marion barber for 3 years.

Losers,Romo,Garrett,Jerry Jones.Main problem, Romo can't function under pressure. He had a chance to be a true super star during the last two games. They blew it ,Romo and Garrett.Any time you get inside the ten yard line w/first and goal and have to kick a field you are a below average team to me.I'm 57 and have watched the"boys" since I was ten and have seen lots of Cowboy quarterbacks and can tell whether or not they are winners/Superbowl winners, ROMO AIN'T,period. A name comes to mine,Danny White end of story. Don't get me wrong I too was a Romo fan at first but then you have to put up or sit down, he should have sat down before now.Jerry is trying to cover his mistake/blunder with Romo. He called out Dez but not the real problems Romo/Garrett.Therefore he is a "real" fat joke.Prediction: Cowboys-6-10,losers again!

There is something wrong with this Jones guy for sure. The problem is not Dez, the ball was thrown 10yards behind him when he had his man beaten. Is this just, trying to cover for the overly rated Romo who finds ways to beat the team every week? Moreover the lousy coach whom only him knows why the defensive coach cannot be the coach? Give us a break Jerry. Once it was TO now Dez? Thats outright racist attitude or eyes whatever. Deal with the problem its coach and QB, PERIOD

No, Mister Jones, what the Cowboys need is a general manager, a top notch football man instead of a dilettante owner masquerading as a general manager. Moreover, that same dilettante owner might consider staying in his circle suite and keeping his @ss off the sideline during games. That way, he might avoid potentially embarrassing situations such as when he grabbed his quarterback's jersey only to have the quarterback angrily pull away. From a guy who has been a Cowboys fan since 1960, please stop being a national embarrassment to your team and the city of Dallas.

I thought that was the coaches job, Jason is losing control already

Yes that may be true Dez does need to work on route running but he had a chance to make up for short comings toward the end of the Patriots game Romo should've noticed that Bryant had one on one coverage on the far left side Romo should've audibled that play from a shuttle pitch to hanging the rock in the back of the endzone so Dez could use his superior leaping skills to snatch the ball out of the air. Mistake Romo

And WHO is ultimately responsible for the WR's KNOWING where to line up and making SURE during PRACTISES that they ARE running the RIGHT routes? The SAME GUY who decides what play to call... GARRETT!

Dez needs to work on his route running? While I won't argue that, I would argue that he runs a back shoulder fade from the 5-10 yard line just fine. See the game vs the Lions as an example. We had 1 on 1 coverage in the end zone vs the Patriots and we ran a damn shovel pass... That is not a route running issue, that is a play calling (and lack of audible at the line) issue.

Garrett likes to spread the ball around to "his weapons"... Should have thought of that when he ran the ball 3 straight times and gave the ball back to Tom Brady. Play calling is the issue.....

Interesting. Jerry Jones sees that everyone should stay in their lanes!I agree. Rbs, hit the right hole. Wrs, run the right routes. Coaches coach. And owners hold up the Lombardi.Mr. Jones, I believe you are on to something!

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